2013 Womens Haircuts

When you cut your hair short, you are making your hair look volumized and also thicker. If you have the right cut, you can make yourself look younger and fresher. Here are the options that you can have:

  • The elfin cut. Also known as the pixie cut, the hair is cut in uneven and different length.
  • The short bob. It is great for those who have oval or square facial form, with straight hair.
  • The blunt bob, which is great for thin and fine hair
  • The long and short cut. In this style, your hair is cut longer on the back with uneven bang on the front side.
  • The curly bob. This bob has longer shape on the back and longer cut on the front side.

The Medium and Long Cuts

For the medium cuts, here are the options that you can try:

  • The straight cut with layers. If you have long bangs or fringe, your hair will be layered in such stylish manner.
  • The layered bob for the medium length. It is similar to the short bob, only with longer length. It looks best with fringes or bangs.

Besides the medium cuts, you can also try the longer cuts. Here are the options to choose:

  • The straight long style that is perfect for all kinds of hair, unless you have very fine texture
  • The long shag style that will deliver edgy rock star look.
  • The long layers that will create volume.

Of course, don’t hesitate to consult your hairstylist so you can achieve the best result and look. Consulting them will also prevent you from making mistakes about your hair.

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