40s hairstyles for long hair

1940s Hairstyles

Ah, the 1940’s—an era that is heavily defined by the presence of World War II, but also brought brighter things to the world such as the jitterbug, refrigerator, and tworking mother. The fashion of this decade is still very influential today. Whenever you feel like you are falling into a hairstyle rut, it can be quite refreshing to do a style rewind and draw inspiration from the past with a few of these hairdos.

1940 Hairstyles

1940’s hair was all about tight waves to add dimension and for that ‘pin up’ look. Many women would have worn their hair in rollers to achieve this look, but thankfully in this day and age we have curling irons. Simply wrap small sections of hair around a thin-barreled curling iron, release and pin into place. An even easier technique: shower the night before and sleep with your hair in tight braids. In the morning, unbraid, finger-comb, and voila: instant retro.

1940 Hairstyles

Victory rolls are a very popular style from this decade; they add a feel of glamour to any outfit. The trick to this style is to curl hair tightly around your face, curl a strand of hair in toward your face and pin in place. A great look is a row of victory curls around the crown of your head.


A pompadour style is a retro twist on the modern craze of big hair. This style is done by teasing hair at the crown to create a ‘cushion’ of hair and then pinning a straight section of hair across the teased section, creating a poof of hair.

1940 Hairstyles

Updos were a big hit in the 1940s and are still huge today. Many retro updos only take a small amount of practice to perfect. Simply create a low pony on the back of your neck, separate it into two sections, then twist the sections around each other and pin into place. If you wish to take the retro look one step further, create a deep side part in your hair before creating an updo. Remember, volumizing spray or mouse is your best friend!

1940 Hairstyles

There’s no doubt about it, these looks are timeless and sure to compliment any special occasion you have. With just a little practice and the proper tools, you can achieve that retro look in no time.

1940 Hairstyles 1940 Hairstyles

1940s hairstyles


1940s hairstyles

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