Acrylic for nails


Natural Nails on Beautiful Lady
Color Acrylic for Nails is made of polymers, and is used in nail salons to help create nail extensions. To make artificial nails, a polymer powder called Acrylic Nail Powder is used combined with a monomer liquid. This mixture hardens to become an acrylic resin. Poly (ethyl methyl methacrylate) is the main element of an acrylic nail powder. This contains 30% methyl methacrylate and 70% ethyl methacrylate, a mixture that forms a strong and flexible resin akin to natural nails. Acrylic Nail Powder spells the difference between a fragile plastic attach to the nails and a strong and natural looking artificial nail.

The process of mixing the monomer liquid with Acrylic Nail Powder creates a chemical reaction called cross-linking where polymer strands that hardens quickly and shaped to look like natural nails are formed. Pigments and dyes, such as benzoyl peroxide are added to change the appearance of the resin. This particular pigment gives the resin a white Color or coloring. To preclude the resin from being discolored when exposed to UV rays, color stabilizers are also combined with the mixture. A good nail extension cannot be made without it!

When the Acrylic Nail Powder and the liquid are mixed together, the chemical reaction causes polymer chains to form. These chains harden really fast, so quick shaping and manipulation are necessary to properly form a nail extension. The mixture starts to harden in twenty to thirty seconds after application and gets its final hardness approximately in fifteen minutes.

Powder and liquid acrylics can be removed using a variety of solvents, usually Acetone. It usually takes from fifteen to twenty minutes to remove the Acrylic from the nail.

A few words of caution: Acrylic Nail Powder can produce toxic and harmful vapor. When the powder is mixed with the monomer liquid, the chemical reaction produces a foul odor, too. An adequate ventilation system should be provided for the employees and clients of the Spa or Nail Salon.

It is also possible to alter the Acrylic Nail Powder to create fiberglass and gel nails too. To create fiberglass nails, the polymer acrylic nail powder and monomer liquid solution is spread on top of a fiberglass nail wrap wrapped around the nail. The fabric of the wrap absorbs the mixture as it is diffused into the weave of the fabric. The outcome is a strong and thin artificial nail that is very natural-looking.

One advantage of Acrylic Nail Powder is it’s so easy to use. All you need to do is prime the nail, add a nail wrap or acrylic tip, mix the monomer liquid and acrylic nail powder and apply it on your nails from the nail bed to the tips of the nails with a nail brush. Make sure that you don’t mix the solutions ahead of time since the resulting resin hardens fast and once it hardens before it’s applied to the nails it becomes useless.

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