Acrylic Nail Designs Summer


Acrylics nails are famous for women in the United States. Acrylic nails hand done and styled the way you want. There are many choices when deciding designs for the nails, like airbrush designs, beads, and painted nail designs. Many nail salons offer the comfort of spa massaging chairs as a courtesy for their customers since this process can be a bit lengthy.

Designs for the summer for acrylic nails include vibrant tips, neon colors, and gemstones on the nails. Airbrush designs include airbrush painted on flowers and patterns. Design tips are also in style for this summer, with styles on the tip following a clear nail. These tip designs include cheetah prints, leopard prints, tiger prints, neon color tips, and glitter tips. Glitter nails are also in style and look nice against all your outfits. The traditional French tip manicure is always great for something classy and professional as well.

The process of getting acrylic nail tips applied is as follows: choose the desired design for your nails. Then the person doing the nails will push the cuticles back. On the natural nail towards the end of the tip, the person will apply nail glue just a bit and glue the nail that best fits yours. They do this step for all the nails, and then trim them to the desired size. Afterwards they file the entire nail and bring the tips to the shape which your decision. With a duster brush they will dust off any extra dust from the filing.Then they will use the acrylic powder to create a natural nail like clear coating. Next they will level the full acrylic nail and use oil to add shine. They will then require you to wash your hands and dry them. Now it’s time for the design, and then you will be asked to sit under a nail dryer, and you are all set! Be sure to tip your manicurist!


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