Amazing Nail Art Designs


magnetic nail polish art

There are several effect nail polishes available in the market like Crackle effect, Croc effect, Magnetic effect, Colour changing polishes etc. You can easily use them for a quick and a different nail look.

3. Water Decals/Nail Stickers/Nail wraps:

tom and jerry nail art

There are several ready to use nail art designs available in market like Water decals, Nail stickers and Full nail wraps.  Instructions for applying these are generally mentioned on them and are quite easy for beginners.

4. Dotting Manicure:

dotted nail art designs

It is the easiest and let’s say first step towards freehand nail art design.  Dots look simple and elegant. You can start by drawing dots on your nails to make flowers.

5. Stripes Nail Art Design:

stripes nail art designs


Stripes look very attractive on nails. To create stripes, you need a nail art striper pen or you can even create stripes using a thin brush.

6. Simple Flower Nail Art Design:

simple flower nail art designs

Flowers can be created by connecting the Dots mentioned above.

7. Animal prints:

animal prints nail design

Animal prints like zebra, leopard are very easy to do and look very cute on your nails.

8. Rhinestones Nail Art:

rhinestones nail art designs

Adding some bling to your nails is very easy.  Rhinestones are perfect for a party look.

9. Cartoon Nail Art Design:

cartoon nail art designs

Just use a stick and contrasting colours to get this design. Follow the instructions here for this simple Nail Art design.

10. Newspaper Nail Art Design:

newspaper nail art design

This nail art is easier than it looks. Follow the instructions for this newspaper nail art tutorial here.

11. Pastel Burst Nail Art Design:

Pastel Burst Nail Art Design

Another simple nail art tutorial that you can get by doing more than one stripes on the nails. Get the details here.

12. Bow Nail Art Design:

bow nail art designs

You can do this design using Dotting tools and Nail stickers. Another great Nail art design for Parties. Get detailed instructions here.

13. Caviar Nail Art Design:

Caviar Nail Art Design

You can get the Caviar Nail art design by using beads and a fast drying top coat.

14. Leaf Nail Art Design:

leaf nail art

Create this Holy Leaf nail art design using Rhinestones and glitter.

15. Christmas Nail Art Design:

christmas nail art designs

Use a Nail art brush to create the hat and beard to create this simple Christmas nail art. The rest of the design is very simple.

16. Polka dot heart nails:

Polka dot heart nails

Though Valentine’s Day has just gone by, you can still wear this design for a whole year! Pink is cute no matter what time of the year it is!

You can do this nail art by painting your nails powder pink except ring finger. Paint your ring finger white and put polka dots using toothpick in heart shape. Use different hues of pink for making dots and seal your design with a good top coat and you are done.

17. Polka dot bow nails:

Polka dot bow nails art

Bows are very much in trend and they look very pretty on your nails too. To get this look paint your nails blue and add polka dots using toothpick and make rhinestone bow on your ring finger. Stick rhinestones using nail glue. After it dries apply top coat.

18. Braided nails:

Fishtail braid manicure

Doing this look is quite easy and with little patience you can get this right on your nails. for this choose three fast dry nail paints and overlap each color as shown in the picture and allow enough time in between to dry the layers and you are done.

19. Colored rhinestone half-moons:

Colored rhinestone half moons nail art

Half-moon nail arts always look classy!

If you like this look, you can get it by painting your nails black and then adding different colors of rhinestones near the cuticle areas as shown in the picture and apply fast drying top coat.

20. Chocolate nails:

chocolate day

They are very easy to do. All you need is brown chocolate color nail paint and some embellishments like hearts (you can use broken hair clips) and fimo pieces. Stick them using nail glue. Also add golden glitter nail paint on your thumb and pinky.

21. Glitter gradient on tips:

Glitter gradient on tips art

Glitter gradients look very cool! You can this look by painting your nails black and adding fuchia glitter nail paints using sponge on tips. When it get dries ,apply top coat.

22. Glitter gradient on half-moons:

Glitter gradient on half moons

This looks so classy and chic. If you like this look, you can try this by painting your nails lavender and adding silver glitter using sponge on half-moon area. You can also use dry glitter or glitter eye shadow by mixing it with clear nail paint.

23. Water drops/few drops nail art:

Water dropsfew drops nail art

You can get this look by making maroon to purple gradient and apply matte topcoat over it, let it dry completely and then add dots of clear nail paint using toothpick at one side of your nail. Don’t apply any top coat on them.

24. Digital nail art:

These nails look very cool if done properly. To get this look paint your nails white and let them dry completely now make black lines using black striper pen and fill some spaces with different colors and leave some spaces white. If needed draw black lines again to give neater look. When it dries completely apply fast drying top coat.

25. Feather nail art:

Nowadays adding real feather to your nails is in very much trend.

For this paint your nails and put feather on your nail when the polish is still wet and wait for few minutes so that it get set. After that, trim your feather in nails shape and top coat your nails.

26. Mix match nails:

Mix match nails art

Having mix and match nails looks very trendy and superb. You can get this look by painting your thumb and middle finger yellow, your pointer finger black with white polka dots and your pinky finger white with black lines as shown and your ring finger in a graphite glitter color. After you finished painting your nails apply top coat.

27. Chain and stud nails:

Chain and stud nails art

These nails can be done by painting your nails in two colors and adding chain and studs on your nails. Also add some animal print on your pointer and pinky finger.

28. Glitter nails with dark colored tips:

Glitter nails with dark colored tips art

To get this look paint your nails with glitter polish and add thin dark colored tips. Don’t forget to seal your nails with good top coat.

29. Glow in the dark nails:

Glow in the dark nails art

Glow in the dark nails look chick for night outs. These special nail polishes which glow in the dark. They also come in many color.

30. Gradient with stamping nails:

Gradient with stamping nails art

To get this look simply make gradients with different colors on all your nails and stamp your nails with your choice of your design and top coat them.

31. Glitter party nails:

Glitter party nails art

To get this nails like these, paint your nails in nude color and add green glitter polish, fimo flower and some rhinestones here and there and you are done.

32. Diagonal half and half nails:

These look very pretty and are very easy to do. Just paint your nails in one color and when it is completely dried use cello tape to paint other half and top coat.

33. Heart garden nails:

Heart garden nails art

Heart gardens are also very easy to do. Paint your nails off-white and draw hearts with brown stems and small leaves. Seal your nail design with top coat.

34. Matte and shiny black:

Matte and shiny black looks very chick and trendy. Paint your nails with matte black nail polish and add polka dots with shiny top coat.

35. Funky or two toned French nails:

Funky or two toned French nails art

Funky French is also known as two tone French. It looks very cool. Doing this quite easy just do it as you do your normal French but using different colors.

36. Moustache nails:

Moustache nails art

Moustache nails are very much in trend these days. They look cool and very trendy.

37. Reverse color accent polka dot manicure:

Simple Polka

Reverse color accent polka dot manicure is easy to do and looks very chick and cool. You can do this in any color just you need is three different colors.

38. Rainbow Caviar:

Rainbow Caviar nail art

Rainbow caviar nails looks so cute and pretty.

39. Black with rhinestones:

This nail art looks very pretty and beautiful .doing these is very easy, just paint your nails with black matte polish and add colorful rhinestones as shown. Apply topcoat.

40. Hearts made with crackle nail paint:

Hearts made with crackle nail paint art

Doing this is also very easy and quite doable at home with ease.

41. Shimmer nails:

Shimmer nails art

Shimmer accents look very classy and elegant.

42. Stain glass nails:

Stain glass nails art

Stained glass looks very pretty you can do this as full manicure as shown or as an accent nail.

43. Multi-colored leopard print:

Multi colored leopard print art

Multicolor nails with leopard print looks very cool and easy to do. Just take your makeup sponge put three colors on it and dab it on your nails and stamp your nails with leopard print template or free hand leopard design.

44. Half nails:

Half nails art

This half and half nails with zig-zag line in between looks pretty and it is quite doable too.

45. Water decal:

Water decal art

Water nail decals are easiest way to get gorgeous nails at home. Just apply nail paint and add your water nail decal and top coat your nails and you are done.

46. Funky and French:

Funky and French nail art

This year funky French nails are very much in trend. You can try zebra print French tips to get the look.

47. Double colored nails:

Two color nails look very gorgeous and easy to do. You just need to know how to make polka dots.

48. Side French nails:

Side French nails art

Side French nails looks very pretty you can get this look by painting your nails in red and then painting one side of your nails with black just like you paint your tips in normal French manicure. You can use tape for crisp lines.

49. Vintage green:

Doing this type of nails is very easy. If you like vintage looks than you can give them a go.

50. Lace nails:

Lace nails art

Creating these kinds of lace nails is quite easy and doable at home. Take fishnet lace trim it according to your nail size and stick them on your nails using clear nail polish and you are done.

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