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If you were tired of all the glossy nail polishes that we have written in the past couple of years, there are chances you still use THOSE old nail polishes, cos there aren’t many options anyway, unless you want to run to the nearest nail salon. However, with technology improving, you could get your own nail printer which prints not patterns, but human faces with hearts around them.

This is the kind of machine that you would use along with the various partners you would have every week, if you are as promiscuous as I am. At Gizmodo, Jason and Mark tried this ArtPro Nail Printer which costs $1,500 and leaves your fingers printed with your lover’s face on all the 10 nails. Jason and Mark may sound really gay, but I am not sure how many REAL gay men would do something as ridiculous as this.

artpro nail polish 1 ArtPro Nail Printer: Can You Do this to Your Nails?

If you are a woman who is reading this, this gadget is just for you, and about you guys? Don’t even think about getting this gadget for yourself. Bromance or romance with someone else. It is just not meant for guys, and is definitely for bored women who would throw money on a weird gadget.

Via: Gizmodo
artpro nail polish ArtPro Nail Printer: Can You Do this to Your Nails?

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