Asian haircut


Asian hair is very different from any other kind of hair, it is beautiful, sleek black, and strong. It”s one of the toughest kind of hair out there. Some are born with real wavy black hair and some have bone straight hair. There”s just so many different kinds in itself. The Asian culture has a wide variety of backgrounds that is now mixed with many other cultures creating unique hair characteristics. Natural Asian black hair is very dark and shiny, it has a slight reddish tint and when lightened it shows deep red undertones. Even some Asian babies have light golden brown auburnish hair. Asian hair is probably the most common type of hair in the world.

Not all Asian hair is easy to deal with. Some Asian hair is full of frizz and is super hard to manage. Usually Asian hair is naturally coarse and hard, and no matter how much straightening it takes it just goes right back after a couple of hours. I know my friend with frizzy Asian hair has to thin it out every time she gets a hair cut. She”s even tried the Japanese Hair Straightening, which works at first but when her roots came out the top of her head got frizzy! It is said that Asian hair can absorb and retain moisture better than Asian hair is harder to style and color so you really need an experienced hair dresser that has experience with Asian hair.

Check this chart to see which length of hair suits your face shape best:
If your face shape is…

The hardest part of your day will be deciding which length of hair you want! Don”t let these rule your hair style though, these are just rough guidelines that can help you decide between one or the other.

Bangs or No Bangs?
I know that bangs are coming back in style, but I definitely can”t wear them. The last time I had bangs was in Elementary school and they bothered me so much. My hair is super straight so with bangs, they looked flat and dull without styling. Bangs are a good idea if you”ve got a high forehead and especially for girls, it can look really cute. I find that alot of Asian girls do have high foreheads and look really good with bangs. It”s really popular among Korean teens. Bangs however can cause zits because of your skin underneath can”t breathe as well and if you use product then you”re definitely going to break out. Asians typically have oily skin so with the combination of hair and prodcut then it”s going to be a bad idea. Bangs also require alot of maintenance, it has to be trimmed often and styled every morning.

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