Auburn hair color

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Auburn color lies between brown and dark red. Unlike other similar tones such as burgundy and chestnut, this reddish-brown color has more of a reddish tint in sunlight. However, it has more depth than red.

The lighter shade of this color is like strawberry blonde. Medium auburn is similar to darker side of ginger red, and dark auburn resembles cinnamon red.

The color is more common in people belonging to the northern and western European areas but rare in other parts of the world.


Auburn Hair Color Ideas

  • Deep auburn colored tresses are more popular during winter months as compared to summers because of its richness and warmth.


    Moreover, this color tends to enhance the eye color. While choosing this color, though, pick a shade that suits your skin the best.

  • The color perfectly suits dark-haired beauties. Plus, it can be combined with red highlights to make dark-auburn look more flattering.


  • Blonde highlights look stunning on auburn colored locks.
  • If you are not sure about getting all over hair color, then opting for lowlights or highlights is a great idea.


    You can pick a single auburn shade or multi-tones to enhance your appearance. Moreover, remember that highlights along the bangs make your skin look lighter and brighter.

  • Dark auburn hair can have wine red highlights. This combination would look amazing on long wavy hair.
  • Caramel streaks can add to the beauty of medium auburn hair.

    View more fabulous auburn shades for hair color in the following video.

  • Black women with luxurious dark tresses can go for auburn red tinted hair.
  • In case you have dark or light brown hair, you can sport subtle beautiful auburn lowlights. Besides, chocolate brown locks look splendid with bright auburn highlights.


  • Deep auburn shaded hair tends to balance out the sallow tones of yellow skin. This color looks more reddish on lighter hair colors.
  • Those with medium skin tone should consider using medium shade of this reddish-brown color. If you have dark or olive skin tone and dark brown or red hair, stay away from bright auburn; instead try deep mahogany red.


  • The color may turn into golden auburn when applied on light blonde hair. On dark-brown tresses, it may give rise to coppery brown hair color.

    Hence, drastic change to auburn may not prove successful at all times. In addition, it requires a good amount of maintenance and upkeep, or else it can turn brassy due to fading.


    Stripping out this color is a tricky task in case of blondes rather than brunettes.

  • Those who have natural auburn hair color can choose to lighten up their locks with blonde highlights and chocolate brown lowlights that complement their skin tone.

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