Beach wedding hairstyles

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I love looking at pictures of beach wedding hair styles because it’?s yet another way you can give the middle finger to tradition, and do things your way!  Forget the stiff hairspray crazed high updo you see in every bridal magazine!  You can have a sexy, modern, beach wedding hairstyle that reflects your personality.

Don’?t get me wrong, if you?re tying the knot on a really windy beach you?’ll need to keep your hair in check because a loose style could fall flat and ruin your ceremony pics. But that doesn?’t mean it has to be traditional or boring.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so without further ado here are some gorgeous beach wedding hairstyles to help inspire you.

Beach Wedding Hair Styles with Flowers

I heart this style, and I’m starting with it because it?’s brilliant in its simplicity?which is what I think all things beach wedding should be!  This bride simply pulled her hair back into a ponytail to keep the hair from blowing in her face and added a dramatic effect with a gorgeous hibiscus flower for a look that’s tropical, sleek and stunning.

This is a slightly more elegant version of the first beach wedding hair style.  Here you just pull your hair back into a side bun and tuck a beautiful white flower in for a dramatic look.

I love that this is simple, elegant, classy and modern all at once. It?’s another side swept bun with some roses tucked into it, but you can substitute orchids or some other really tropical flower for a beach wedding hair style that will stay out of your face regardless of the wind.

Loose Beach Wedding Hair Styles

Ok, here?s that gorgeous, wavy, sexy beach wedding hair I was talking about earlier.  I love that this bride just let her hair down and tucked a few small flowers at the crown for an effortless look. If this doesn?’t scream beach wedding hair, I don’?t know what does!

This hairstyle won’?t work if you?’re tying the knot in a really windy location… unless you?’re going for a really, really messy look (literally).  But if wind is not an issue for you, this is a great sexy and youthful looking beach wedding hairstyle that someone with long wavy or curly hair can pull off.  You can even add some extensions for curls that drop down the back and sides.

I have one hyphenated (made up) word for this beach wedding hair style…AH-mazing! I love, love, love everything about it.  You have to be pretty bold and confident to pull this off.  But it will be nothing short of memorable and totally appropriate for a beach wedding.

This is a very laid back youthful look but I really like it for a beach wedding hairstyle.  You can even add some extensions for length and volume.

Beach Wedding Hair Style updo?s

I really, really love this hairstyle because it?’s pulled back, but has that sort of messy beach hair look that’s so sexy.  The silk flower pin gives it a really great finishing touch.

Side swept bangs, a soft, curled bun and a small rhinestone comb are all you need to make this gorgeous do your own.

This is a really soft and sweet twist on the traditional updo.

This one comes closer to the more traditional look but I really like it because it?’s a soft and unique look.

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