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Top nail polish colors 2013 will add glamor to your look. As it is the new year so it is the time for you to break out the new nail polish colors for this new year. The new nail color of 2013 will make you exciting whether you go bright or bold or mellow. Nail polish is an essential part of the makeup and women pay a lot of attention on them. Nail polish completes the look of your personality and make you personality more expressive. The nail polish color trends change with the change in season. In winter season darker colors are in trend and in summer pastels are in trend. If we talk about the nail polish then how can we forgot the name of the OPI brand. Here is the OPI Nail Polish Color Chart 2013 that will make you more beautiful then ever.

Top Nail Polish Colors 2013

Top nail polish colors 2013 are as follows:


Camo colors are very unique and these also look very beautiful. Camo nail colors are those nail colors which have green with brownish tones like Ready and Essie Armed. The camo shades are multidimensional which make these visually stunning nail polishes for the nails.

Midnight Blue:

Midnight blue offers a drama in between a black and a royal blue. This color can go with any outfit and make it look appealing. This color is being loved by ladies of all age groups.


Against the dark colors of this season nude colors are standing out. Nude colors are not only the pale colors. You can also choose slightly glossy colors in nude shades. These glossy colors look more pop than giving a flat look because their shine add contrast between the skin and nail polish color.



Grey nail color is the color of this year which you can not turn a blind eye on. This color is in fashion whether it is nail color, clothes, shoes, bags, eye shades etc. So if you apply this nail color you will not only look fashionable but this color will also give your fingers a classy charm.


Neural or the cream color nails are best for spring of 2013. This color is becoming popular among ladies since last year. Pale nails have soft milky shades, neutral shades, white shade and the cream shades. Play with your nails this year with pale nail colors in a new way for a cool look.

Dark Purple:

Dark Purple is also in fashion these days. This dark color is the special choice for the season of winter. Dark purple goes well with pink, pastel and black. Baroque style is very in these days and dark purple nail color matches with your baroque style thus making your look more complete and attractive.

Jewel Tones:

Red nail color is popular in every season and this year the trend of jewel colors has expanded including teal, yellow, purple, green for a classic look. These brighter colors can go with your wardrobes. You can combine them with black color outfit or opposing color to look different and unique.


These color shades are becoming the biggest nail color trends of this year. The nail colors are very dramatic and these look stunning on all skin tones, but when these shades are combined with lighter skin tone they pop it more.

Dark Green:

Dark green nail color is very common these days. This color reflects the impact. Green color shows the deepness. This nail color gives a trendy and modern look to your finger nails.

Metallic Flashes:

Metallic shades are usually the colors of spring. Gold, silver, cooper etc all are the metallic colors. These are very demanding for this new year. If you want to experiment with trend, try to paint the tips of nails with a bit of sparkle or specks of gold.

Try to be different and trendy this year by trying these top nail polish colors 2013 on you nails to add glamor and style in your personality.

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