Bieber new haircut

Twice a month of touch up is the privilege of a singer like Justin Bieber that he has such a stunning look at all time. While his flip hairstyle has been a trend of men haircut for some time, it seems that Bieber wants to look more mature at the end of the year. As you see, he showed up with the flip during his shows in several countries in Europe last summer, but you can see his spiky hairstyle during his interview with Oprah Winfrey for her new TV show aired the following month. Seeing closely, you should notice the mature look on the newer style.

Self-Styling for a Bieber Look

You can definitely always style your hair by yourself, even for the look of Justin Bieber. Just make sure you get the back part shorter and front part longer with angled cut layers. You will need to push forward your hair for more thickness and texture. It is such a fortune when you have naturally straight hair that you do not spend more money on chemical straightening products and equipment. Still, Creme de CoCo’s conditioner and shampoo will do you a hand in straightening your hair – better than just a single blow-dry technique.

Now that you have some tips to help yourself with the Bieber look, it does not mean that the haircut is going to suit all types of faces. You need to be self-aware before applying Bieber hairstyle, especially the flip one. Somehow, when it is too late to realize that the haircut is not suitable for you, the singer’s latest style may do a little help. Just apply some gel and make your hair into the spiky up do. The up do does not only solve your satisfaction problem, but give you a more mature and manly look too. Besides, the up do and spiky style is more suitable for many types of faces, unless you have a very broad forehead that you may need to cover. In short, always be sure that the celebrity hairstyles you badly want to copy always suit you.

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