Black celebrity short hairstyles


Somehow it always happens that we usually sigh for a hair type we don’t have, but it’s impossible to change what the nature has given us. For all of you who at least wanna enjoy in some good details about it, or if it happens to be that you can find yourself in this story, we introduce you some cool short hairstyles for black women 2013.

Why short?

This season seem to have widely opened its door to some new trends in hairstyles for women, especially for short hairstyles for black women 2013. We all know that all the black girls have very thick hair, so you can just imagine what a trouble it can be to deal with it sometimes! They seem to become tired of constant effort to struggle with a bunch of hair. We all think that all the braids and fishtail plaits look so cool, but we never think how exhausting it may be to manage all that. The reason short hairstyles for black women 2013 became so trendy is that you can still have a desired look, classy, elegant, funky, simple, glamorous, as you wish, but cut down the troubles in managing it!


For those with naughty curls

Majority of black women have curly hair, that’s how nature decided, so for this reason we have decided to introduce some of these ideas for short hairstyles for black women 2013 first. The best solution for you is what is called a pixie haircut.

You can decide whether you prefer it totally short, or something in between, but this will be quite a refreshing change, after wearing a bunch or heavy curls all around. You will still keep your trademark when it comes to personal hairstyle, but with these short hairstyles for black women 2013 you will have a lot of free time to spend doing something else, rather than fighting with your hairdo.

Ideas for straight hair


Those ladies who simply don’t like curls straighten their hair, so for them and those who have naturally straight hair, here are some good suggestions for short hairstyles for black women 2013. As mentioned in previous part, pixie is also a good idea here as well. Especially if you decide to have your pixie with some long side bangs- that will hit the spot! This might be the most popular one because not only that it is very practical to have such a haircut, but your face will get some mysterious and cute impression, that you will be surprised how powerful a haircut can be! If you are brave enough, add some undercut, you will definitely be spotted wherever you appear, because that’s why short hairstyles for black women 2013 are made for!

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