Black hairstyles 2013


2013 Black and African American Hairstyles. Looking to change or spice up your look for the new year.. well we have you covered.  You may be asking what key trends are in for the 2013 hair season? Well after a big long year of natural hair getting more exposure, big tresses are stealing the spotlight yet again. Natural hair has become more mainstream then ever before, and if you haven’t already made the leap, you just might find yourself soon going natural.

If natural hair is not your thing, there are still tons of options and styles you hair can achieve this year as well. From the dipped dyed ends movement, to ombre colored tresses, reverse ombre and tons of short cute pixie cuts. We’re sure you’ll find something to fit your style. Look below to see the latest hair trends for 2013.


Dipped Dyed Ends

Curly Hair

Two Toned Hair Coloring



Ombre Hair

Curly Hair With Nice Mix Of Color

Big Fluffy Twist-Out

Bold Haircolor

Ombre Hair

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