Blonde haircuts


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The golden brown can deliver very nice and natural color that will enhance your look in such simple way. Of course you can have dirty blonde or the platinum blonde, but with the golden brown you can achieve elegant and classic style within timeless manner. The golden blonde can certainly be the great choice for the new upcoming haircuts 2013. The examples of celebrities with golden brown shade are Alyssa Milano and Adele, where Milano comes with darker golden brown and Adele comes with brighter golden hue. The golden tone is basically one of the yellow shades that have lots of shine and bright characteristic. Most hairstylist experts say that the golden is the combination of brown and blonde that is subtle and soft enough. You can choose to have the darker tone – like Milano which means that the brown hue is deeper and bigger – or you can have the lighter one – like Adele.

Strawberry Blonde

The strawberry blonde is certainly a great combination of attractive colors, where you can combine brunette, red, and also yellow within the same mix. The strawberry blonde can certainly make you look different and one of a kind – creating a distance between a red and a blonde. People can’t really decide whether your color is red or blonde. Nicole Kidman has ever used the color and it suited her perfectly. Scarlett Johannsen has also tried the color and it looks cool for her skin tone.

Choose the right hair care products to ensure that your hair will stay and won’t come off easily. Choose the variant for color keeping.

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