Boy hairstyles


If you want simplicity and flair combined in one hairstyle than the defined and debonair will be the best choice for you. The hairstyle is short enough that it is easy to maintain while it also long enough to look stylish and sleek. The side part is made really short to signify the longer brushed over hair on top. To style this defined and debonair hairstyle is quite simple. Firstly right out the shower brush the children hair to the side. To hold the hairstyle apply a little dab of pomade or gel and then comb it again. You can use the Soy Paste by Healthy Sexy hair to hold the hair.

The Young Hollywood

Like we have already said before, the influence of media is really important in shaping trend for boys’ hairstyles. With the appearance of mega star like Justin Bieber with longer sweep side hairstyle, then his hairstyle became the hottest trend. Similar with Bieber’s hairstyle the Young Hollywood features longer haircut that looking really fresh and funky. The addition of sweeping bangs makes it even fresher and cooler.

To get the hairstyle you can follow these steps:

  • First you comb the hair down on the top and make it flat and smooth.
  • Create whimsical texture by scrunching up the hair around the ears and the nape
  • After the hair dry apply hair product to make the hairstyle hold through the day. For this purpose you can use Fiber by American Crew that will add texture polish and definition to the kids’ hairstyle.

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