Boys haircut styles


Buzz Cut

There are several classic cuts that are considered ideal and long lasting for boys. These styles will still look good without any time limit; they are timeless.
•    The Buzz Cut. This style is very simple and easy to achieve. It isn’t the same as the total shaved off, but it is close. With this style, you can still look nice and attractive – not to mention manly too.
•    The Crew Cut. It is another very short cut with little difference from the buzz cut. In this style, you cut your top hair in longer form and then have shorter hair for the side. It isn’t the Mohawk, so don’t be afraid to look like one.
•    The Spiky. It is also one of the classic style where you cut your hair short and then spike it up with the help of hair gel. You can have the neat spike or the messy one.

New Models

Peaked Jagged

The new models are basically just the same with the classic ones, but they come with newer modifications and looks.
•    The Straight Blowback. It is basically almost the same as the Spiky, but you need to cut your hair in longer style before you can spike it up and then blow it back. Such look is actually very popular in the 1980s and it is made popular again by Justin Bieber with his new hair style.
•    The Peaked Jagged. It is the same as the crew cut, but again, in longer cuts and manner.

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