Bride hairstyles for long hair


Have your long hair made you worried about what hairstyle should you do on your special day? Then don’t worry on that as we are now here to solve your query regarding wedding hairstyle. Here at our place we have listed a huge list where all the trendy and out of the box Wedding Hairstyle for long hair are displaced in a most accessible manner.

Before starting with the list of hairstyles for long hair let’s take a quick glimpse of the benefits and additions which are provided by the Long hair. It is said that maintaining and managing that lengthy hair is not an easy task but it’s also said that those extra inches of hair adds astounding spark to your getup and also can be decorated by veils, flowers and stylish accessories. Also we would like to inform you about the type of Wedding Hairstyle for long hair which best suits to face shape:

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– Long face shape should opt for the open and straight hairstyles,

– Square face shape should be more towards opt the curly styles, from which the hair cuts should be such where the hair falls and passes by the cheeks,

– Round face shape can opt any of the hairstyles from straight and curly hairs but having hairs falling from the cheeks will add more to the look

Getting back to the list of Wedding Hairstyles for long hair so let’s take quick views of the trendy hairstyles of the season:

Curly up-do: Curly hairstyles adds class and elegance to the look, whole hair tied up with headpiece or veils and just few curly hair strands left downwards can make it hit!!! This neat and tailored look hairstyle helps to keep the hair out of the eyes and face due to which the look gets classier. In this style the hair are appropriately designed and dressed up with pins and veils. These days this is one of the most opted wedding hairstyles for long hair.

Wavy half up-do styles: Even these are one of the most preferred styles especially when added with pearly brooches. The soft waves highlighting from the mid-length of the hair makes the hair look healthier and volume boosted. Style is highly recommended to the girls with round shaped face. This type gives you more girly look and makes the look glacier. This stunning hairstyle adds great bounce to the hair which is best suited on any type of face shape.

Straight center parted hairs: Straight hairs with center partition looks amazing when added with stylish headpins. This elegant look has plenty of volume and movements in the hair, this look can be enjoyed by cutting the hairs in layers style so as to give round curves to the hair located on the sides and back.

Not only this but also we have a huge list of wedding hairstyles for long hair, so start looking for the hairstyle and don’t forget to pick up the most stunning and elegant Wedding hairstyle for long hair depending on face type.

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