Bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair


If you’re a bridesmaid-to-be whose hair is short, then you’re definitely the one whom our topic is targeting today. As it’s going to present a parade of the most trendiest short hairstyles presented for 2012 which can suit the special atmosphere of the wedding occasions. Now, I’m going to ask you to do four things. The first thing is to cheer up and second one is to concentrate. Let’s leave the third and fourth ones to the end, just remind me! I think that the first question is going to be asked from your sides is ”What is my first option?”. In fact, there’re a plenty of options in front of you and that what makes me confused. I don’t know which one should i start with? My dear bridesmaid, forget about the last confusion of mine as i found it, i mean knew it, whatever! Your first option is going to be to wear any of the quiff hairstyles. Yeah, the quiffs! Why are you wondering? They have very tidy, elegant and sexy look. If you’re worried that they might have the extreme classic and retro look as before, I have to tell you that this year the hair styling gurus present many styles of them that smartly combine between the modernity and retro-ness.

For sure, that’s a great bless for all the women’s community not just the bridesmaids. Hence, if you’re smart woman with high sense of style and fashion, opt for it and take advantage of their glam look. If you don’t like to wear any of those sort of retro short hairdos, then you can pick and sport any of the short bob haircuts which come in various creative and stylish styles as; blunt, layered, choppy or even the edgy ones. There’s a little hint you need to remember especially if you’re going to wear any style of the edgy bob cuts. That hint is not to choose the one that it’s so, so wild, bold and sort of funky. As by doing so, you’re going to be so out of the wedding’s theme which is mostly known by being classy, chic and far from funkiness! The Pixie cuts are the last short bridesmaid hairstyles that we’re going to conclude our topic with. The same as the bob haircuts, they come in different styles and looks. Opt for those pixie hairstyles, if you like to keep it simple and brief, yet super sexy.

Whether you are going to choose to wear the pixie, bob or even quiff hairdo, you need to know that you can style it in different ways. You can straighten it or add any type of curls or waves to it; soft, loose or medium. Style it in the way that you like and suits you, your dress besides suiting your hair type and face shape as well. I think that is the third thing that I was about to mention at the beginnings. Actually, that’s made me to mention the fourth one which was to tell you that you can get more glamour and chicness by adding any of the hair accessories to your do as; head bands, clips, combs or fascinators even I do think that they are more suitable for the brides! As you can see that despite having a short hair which may seem too simple, you still have a quite wide range of chic and awesome, yet trendy bridesmaid hairstyles in 2012 to pick of and wear. I can’t find nothing to end our talk with except to tell you ”Enjoy the great honor of being somebody’s bridesmaid and wish you so fab and eye catching look, but of course less than the bride!”.


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