British flag nail art

Now that the Olympic torch relay has started and the Jubilee weekend is fast approaching, it’s hard not to feel a little bit patriotic and it looks like the high street would agree. The British theme has taken over the window displays of shops up and down the high street but it’s not only food and decor that can fly the flag.

DIY Union Jack nails look amazing and hardly cost anything. For the Jubliee weekend, there’s not a better time to give it a go.

Now if you’re anything like me and can’t draw in straight lines, this easy technique will give you an amazing finish.

How to British Nails

  • Buy some tape on a dispenser –  Scotch Tape or Magic Tape seem to be the best. It’s not too clear or too thick, comes on a dispenser and I know it worked for me. However, feel free to try any kind of tape and see what results you get.
  • Paint two thick strips, one white and one red. Make the strips a tiny bit longer than your nails – you’ll be cutting them shorter.
  • While that’s drying paint your nails a shade of blue.
  • Once all nail polish has dried, cut strips of white and red from the tape (make the white strips larger than the red so you can see them beneath.)
    If you find the tape is sticking to everything in between using it (as I did) hang each strip off the edge of a piece of grease proof paper, or anything that won’t pull apart when you take the tape off to use.
  • Once you’ve cut your strips, you can start to make your flag shape (I had a picture of the Union Jack in front of me for reference, just in case)
  • Start by making a cross with the white strips and then diagonally lay another set of white strips over the top of your first cross.
  • Then do the same with the thinner red strips.
  • Don’t worry if the strips over lay onto your fingers or the top of the nail. Just trim the sides with nail scissors then fold the top ones over the back of the nail and use a nail file, filing downwards until they come away.
  • Once you’ve done that you should have something that resembles the Union Jack and then to finish, put a clear top coat on top.

You don’t have to stick to the traditional blue, white and red. Try pastel shades, neon or match them to whatever you intend to wear.
If you find that it looks too 3D for your liking (which will depend on what thickness of tape you used), paint the white and just use the red strips or vice versa.

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