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First, decide what kind of look you”re after. A Friday night happy hour with the girls calls for a casual, even messy look. This is not the time to pull out the hair gel. You want to look like you secured a bun to your head without even bothering to check the mirror, even if you”re an obsessive beauty who doesn”t go out without several re-checks. An elegant look is great for a job interview or presentation, and a hot date calls for an attention getting romantic sexy bun. Don”t sweat it. These tips will have you throwing your hair up and getting out the door in no time.

Casual Bun

This updo really can be done without a mirror, and works on almost any hair length.

  • Rake your fingers through the front of your hair, gathering it all into a pony at the middle of the back of your head.
  • Hold the pony against your head with your left hand, and with your right, casually twist it to the end.
  • Wrap the twist around the base until you”ve reached the end.
  • Secure as needed with either pins or a claw.
  • Leave a little hair sticking out from your pin for some sassy movement, and you”re done.

Elegant Double Bun

This look is great for medium to long hair. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, don”t worry about straightening, but if there”s any frizz around your scalp, deal with it with a hair product or by using an iron.

You want the ends straight for a smooth look, so your iron or a dryer and round brush with help get the “tail” of your bun ready.

  • Make a horizontal part above your left ear, and follow all the way around to the top of your right ear, “splitting” your scalp hair in two sections, and leaving the bottom hair hanging down.
  • Gather this upper hair section (secure with a pin temporarily if your hair is thick and difficult to hang onto) with your left hand, and using your right hand, roll the hair as if around a curler until you reach your scalp. Secure with pins on both sides.
  • Repeat the above step with the remaining loose hair in the bottom section, and secure this bun directly below the first, giving you an elegant double bun. Works great for thick hair that is hard to secure in one section, and offers a really pretty, elegant look.

Sexy Romantic Bun

This bun will have you looking like your formal day look just got tussled by some awfully fun activity, and you”re still a bit too breathless to fix it. Good for longer hair, great with a romantic blouse and smoky eye makeup, this is a trick you”ll want to use for special dates, or when you”d like to attract some to your life.

  • If your hair can handle some texture, now”s the time to encourage it. Use a body building styling cream on stick straight hair, and get as messy a look as you can by scrunching hair or drying with a diffuser. Wavy or curly looks will be ready to start.
  • Loosely dissect your hair in half from ear to ear. Then pull out a few thick strands around your face for a billowy effect.
  • Leave the bottom section of your hair loose. Then twist the tail of the upper section, and wrap it into a formal bun in the middle of the back of your head and secure. All remaining hair should be loose and flowing.
  • If the down part of this updo needs help, use a curling iron on each section until you”ve got some loose looking waves. Add a light spray and you”re done.

These great looks are easy, fast hairstyling tools that will help you look your best. Enjoy.


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