Cnd shellac reviews

When I first heard about OPI Axxium, CND Shellac and Nail Harmony Gelish, I was skeptical. What were these gel-soak off-hybrid polishes? I’m really picky and quite obsessive about my nails. Rarely has anyone seen me sans polish. I like them a certain length and as healthy as possible. No fakes here. I was unsure how these products went on (would there be excessive filing?) and how they came off (would my nail beds be damaged?) I waited, checking blogs for reviews to answer all my questions. Finally all were answered, and it WAS possible to get fantastic looking nails for at least 2 weeks with no damage to your natural nail. The trouble was, I saw many photos of nails looking thick, fake and bulbous. It takes a skilled manicurist to ensure even looking polish and they need to also do exactly the right prep in order for it to last with no peeling or chipping.

Unwilling to subject myself to be the guinea pig, I kept an eye out on who was getting this done. Finally my girlfriend came to work with the most gorgeous manicure. When she said it was Shellac I was over the moon! It was perfect. I immediately got the name of the salon and the manicurist and booked an appointment right away.

I headed over to see Sarah at Dep Nails in North Olmsted (440-979-1008). They are in the newer plaza along Brookpark right by Target. I was excited to see if this Shellac was going to be the polish of my dreams.  It was! For under $30 (including manicure) my nails were indestructable.

CND Shellac in Gotcha

Day 1

Day 7

Day 14

I am beyond excited. I use my nails for everything. Opening things, picking things up, washing, scrubbing, peeling labels off, cooking and cleaning – they withstood anything I got myself into. Even my husband noticed, saying it seemed I was always painting my nails before. Well, I was! (every few days)

So I happily went back to see Sarah. She is my manicure dream! I adore her.
I soaked my nails for about 5-10 mins and the polish slid right off. It was so weird to see! My nails were perfectly healthy underneath, with no discoloration or dryness. They were strong and long. She gave me another Shellac mani and this time I chose a brighter pink.

Hot Pop Pink – Day 1

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