Colour changing nail polish

My wonderful grandma turned 100 yesterday and I wanted a special, cheerful manicure to match the atmosphere. A birthday like that doesn’t happen that often! So, I was looking for something unique in my collection, and Ruby Wing‘s Festival seemed fit: a glitter bomb which is silver in the shade and dark purple in the sun, with holographic glitter to make it even more eye-catching.


What’s more, this is a one coater! I expected it to be a glitter topper, not a full-coverage glitter polish, so I did one coat of Essence’s 03 Ta-La-Ra from their Tribal Summer LE, which got completely covered.
Festival dries quickly, to a slightly textured finish: if you don’t like it one layer of top coat would make it smooth, it doesn’t look like a top coat eater and the colour change won’t be affected. I used PVA glue as a base for easy removal.

So this is it in the shade:



And in sunlight:



My camera captured white spots instead of some holographic glitters, but in real life the effect looks like this:


I LOVE this polish. I only wish it was easily available and cheaper here in Europe, I’d have so many more Ruby Wings!
Have you ever tried this brand?

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