Cool hair styles for men


The Undercut gained quite a bit of traction right after summer 2012 due to several soccer players in the UEFA Cup and several athletes in the London Summer Olympics sporting Undercuts (each athlete would sport his Undercut with slight variations). Most notably, German soccer player Mario Gomez sported a side-parted, puffed Undercut during the UEFA Euro 2012 and German gymnast Marcen Nguyen sported a flatter, slicked-back Undercut. During the London Olympics, David Beckham also sported an Undercut as he served as one of the promotional faces for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Mario Gomez above with his side parted Undercut hairstyle for his medium length hair

Marcel Nguyen with an Undercut hairstyle that is perfect for his short length hair

David Beckham with a cool Undercut hairstyle that is slicked back neatly for his medium length hair

Recommended hair products for the Undercut Hairstyle

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The Shaggy or Shag – Short Hairstyles for 2013


The Shaggy hairstyle (aka Shag) has been a go-to hairstyle for Rod Steward for decades, but it wasn’t until Ashton Kutcher started wearing this hairstyle that the Shaggy became trendy among young men. The Shaggy hairstyle has an out-of-bed tousled emphasis, which means that it is not difficult to style, and the haircut to be able to sport a Shaggy hairstyle should be done preferably in layers. Because of its laid-back and surfer/skater allure, the Shaggy hairstyle will definitively be seen during the whole of 2013 among young males and will be an excellent choice for the summer months!

Ashton Kutcher with a long hair Shaggy hairstyle by which the hair hangs down

Contrary to Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron here wears a more tousled and lifted Shaggy hairstyle for medium length hair

Justin Bieber incorporates here a shaggier element to his tousled hairstyle for short length hair

Recommended hair products for the Shaggy Hairstyle

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The Faux Hawk – Short Hairstyles for 2013

The Faux Hawk hairstyle (aka Fauxhawk or Fo Hawk) is an excellent styling choice for just about any hair type (whether straight or curly). The Faux Hawk was popularized by David Beckham in the late ’90s/early 2000s, and this hairstyle picked even more traction with Cristiano Ronaldo, who would sport a Faux Hawk for much of his 2009/2010 soccer season at Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo has started to wear a Faux Hawk again (together with other hairstyles), which means that the Faux Hawk is still going strong as of 2013 and is picking up again in popularity since Ronaldo inspires some many men in terms of hairstyles!

Cristiano Ronaldo with one of his favorite hairstyles, the Faux Hawk!

David Beckham with a short hair length Faux Hawk (albeit with a tousled look!)

The Faux Hawk hairstyle is sometimes associated with dudes who like to visit the tanning salon too much!

Recommended hair products for the Shaggy Hairstyle

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Short Hairstyles For Men – 3 Cool Styles for 2013

As you can see, the Undercut hairstyle, Shaggy hairstyle and Faux Haw hairstyle are 3 styling options for your hair that are very appropriate for the current times that we are now in as we slowly approach summer and many of us dudes will be spending a considerable amount outdoors. For those in the southern Hemisphere (Australia/New Zealand etc), then just wait a bit more if anything; but, rest assured, these 3 cool hair styles for 2013 will be spicing your looks big time anywhere you are and whenever it may be, gentlemen!

All the best.

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