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Revlon sent me six samples of their Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel. The collection is an all-in-one nail enamel with built-in strengthener and protective base & top coat for stronger, harder nails. The formula has camellia oil to condition and strengthen nails, rice bran oil with vitamin E to protect nails and lotus and pearl extracts to hydrate the nails.

Revlon states the features of this nail enamel is an all in one built in base and top coat for an all in one use and professional finish. The polish also has the double-barrel brush for smooth bubble free application with out streaks or bubbles.

The nail enamel can be found in 24 trendy shades and will be available in June 2013. I have seen a display of this collection at a local CVS so there must have been an early launch. The bottles are 0.4 fluid ounces and have a white cap and retail for $7.99.

The six colors what were sent to me are Provoke, Captivate, Tempt, Dazzle, Inspire and Dominate.

I did not use a base or top coat; I was a little nervous since I always put a base coat on to protect my nails. The finish of the polish is a nice shine no top coat needed; the finish reminds me of the gel polish trend. I test wore the polish for several days and really worked it hard with a trip to the beach, dishes, laundry, typing and a little retail therapy and was surprised that the polish lasted with minimal chipping with all the wear and tear. In addition to the wear I did notice that my nails did indeed feel stronger and harder.

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Provoke- I was a little disappointed with this polish as the brush had a few bristles come off while using the polish, I really liked the color but it did bubble on me and I had to redo my nails three times before I was satisfied with the end result.

Captivate-is a copper like color that went on very easy and can be used as a stamp color, this polish has two coats.

Tempt-is a silver color that went on the easiest of all six colors, can be used with a stamp. The pinkie finger has one coat all others have two coats.

Dazzle-is a pink jelly glitter with three coats, this color is perfect for summer or in the office environment.


Inspire-is a milk chocolate brown with two coats and can be used to stamp with. I was not impressed with the polish by looking at the bottle but was pleasantly surprised when it was on my nails, I can totally see this color with pink polka dots for fun nail art.

Dominate-is a dark chocolate brown with two coats on the index and middle finger and one coat on the others, this color can be used to stamp, this color like Inspire did not impress me until I put it on the nails and again was pleasantly surprised.

Painted nails are happy nails!

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