Cornrow styles


Braided hairstyles are regaining popularity. Elaborate woven hairstyles hit the runways for the spring 2012 fashion season. Now is the time to look into some fashionable cornrow styles for 2012. Cornrow hairstyles range from basic rows to elegant updos. There are also trendy, punk-looking styles you can rock this year as well.

Basic Cornrows

Basic cornrows are styled with rows of dutch braids, starting from the front hairline extending Oritto the back and down the length of the hair. The cornrows can be fat or skinny and can be braided into different patterns. A lot of young men and women often have their cornrows parted into zig-zag patterns or graduated parts to add a little extra interest to the basic style.

Goddess Braids

When women wear long cornrows, they are often called Goddess Braids. Goddess Braids are typically skinny cornrows with long tails that usually fall down the back. This style should not be confused with micro braids, which are just many individual plaits. If you don”t have long hair, you can buy hair at your local wig and weave hair supplier to have it added to your hair while it is braided into cornrows.

Cornrow Chignons

Those with long hair who wear cornrows can create elegant chignon hairstyles at the nape of their neck. A chignon can be created whether or not the cornrow braids are thick or thin. I find the thicker braids more attractive when worn in a chignon. If you don”t have long braids, there are chignon clip attachments and ponytails you can buy to create a fake chignon, such as the Cherish Synthetic Hairpiece by easihair.

Faux Hawk

A very trendy and punkish style for cornrows is the faux hawk. This is typically done on those with curly and kinky hair types to create a curly hawk or a “fro hawk. With this style, hair is braided into cornrows on both sides of the hair angling towards the middle of the head. The hair in the center is left out in its curly or kinky state, resulting in a mohawk-type hairstyle.

Reverse Cornrows


As you might suspect, reverse cornrows begin from the nape of the neck and are braided toward the front of the head. Sometimes the tails of the braids are left intact and styled (usually curled and tucked under). Most of the time, the hair is braided about halfway up with part of the middle and all the front left loose to be styled in curls or pin curls. As with the faux hawk styles, reverse cornrows look best on hair that is curly or kinky.

These five cornrow styles to rock in 2012 will keep your look current for the year. Experiment with different ways to wear cornrows. Keep in mind the longer your hair is, whether by nature or extension, the more styling options are available to you.

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