Current haircuts


When it comes to looking after ourselves and taking pride in our appearance, many would agree that the first thing we should take into consideration is our hairstyle, let’s talk about current hairstyles.

It’s 2013 now, many fashion and styling experts agree that men and women from all over the world can benefit greatly by keeping up to date with current hairstyles and deciding which could be ideal for them.

Current Hairstyles

In this article we will look at 8 of the best current hairstyles for women on the market today, and give you the reader, as much information about each style as possible. We will look at which of these particular current hairstyles works best for certain hair types. For example, thin hair, curly hair, short hair, and thick hair, we’ll tell you how to find the perfect hairstyle that compliments your face beautifully.

Current Hairstyles

2012 is fast drawing to a close, and as the New Year approaches, many people take that opportunity to reinvent themselves. A new year can equal a new you, and if you are fed up of the same haircut and styling routine day in and day out, then these 8 of the best current hairstyles could be exactly what you are looking for.

Current Hairstyles – The Bob Style

The Bob style – The bob is one of the most fashionable, and easy to maintain, current hairstyles in the world today. It can be styled in a number of different ways, wavy, sleek, or even choppy, and slightly rough looking. It can flatter all face shapes perfectly, as it consists of swingy looking layers that can be coloured exactly to your liking. To add extra movement to your bob, you can use a thickening spray on your hair when it is damp. This really helps to add extra volume, and helps to cement the bob, as one of the best current hairstyles in the entire world today.

The Pixie cut – This particular style takes some courage to have done, but the end results are simply fabulous. It is one of the most popular current hairstyles in the world today. This style shows off and accentuates your features perfectly. Choppy layers, and long bangs throughout, really gives this style a certain feeling of chic that one simply cannot recreate at home, no matter how hard they try. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most flattering current hairstyles on the market today, and if you really want to make your facial features stand out, this is the style for you.

Long with bangs – When it comes to current hairstyles, a fringe is a style that can give the impression of youthfulness. How? By hiding frown lines and wrinkles, you may find upon your forehead. If you already have long hair, and would like a dramatic change without cutting off too much length, then this is the cut for you. Many of today’s current hairstyles rely solely on bright colors, and daring styles to make a dramatic change, whilst this one gives you just that, just extremely subtly.


current hairstyles – long layers

Long layers – As current hairstyles go, this one is up there as a well known, tried and tested style, that has withstood the test of time perfectly. In fact it is still one of the sexiest ever. If you have equal length hair, and are bored, or simply want to add a little movement to your hair, then long layers is the way to go. If your hair is thin, or flat, then you might want to give this style a miss.

French twist style – This is one of the current hairstyles doing the rounds, that we are particularly excited by. The French twist is a style that is relatively easy to pull off, yet it can add so much more to your appearance. It is best suited to long and straight hair, and long wavy hair. The beauty of this cut, and what helps to make it one of the best current hairstyles around today, is that it works so well with absolutely any hair color.

1960′s style ponytail – Now, you would probably think that an article about current hairstyles, would not include a style from nearly 6 decades ago. However, here it is. With a neat and low pony tail, nestled below a bouffant crown, this particular hairstyle is as sexy as ever, and proving to be a timeless classic. Obviously, this style is best suited to those of you with long hair, but also straight hair. Any color works well with this style. A true timeless classic, and one of the most innovative current hairstyles in the world today.

Current Hairstyles – The Shag Cut

The shag cut – If we had to sum up this style, it would be layers with an edge. As current hairstyles go, this one is up there, as one of the most elegant of all time. This style works best on straight thin hair, or hair with loose waves. If you have curly hair, steer clear, as this style can make your hair look decidedly poodle-y.

Center parted – This is again, one of those styles that might not be commonly associated with an article about current hairstyles. A center parted hairstyle can benefit almost any shape of face, and can help to create an attractive and stylish look. As current hairstyles go, this has got to be considered one of the easiest to pull off. A center parted hairstyle is suited to almost any type of hair, be it, long, short, thick thin, wavy, or straight. It is no wonder then, that it is one of the most highly sought after, current hairstyles in the world today. So much so in fact, that a number of Hollywood A list celebrities, commonly style their hair in this very way.

When it comes to current hairstyles for 2013, the choice on offer for you is seemingly endless. Whether you are looking for a subtle change in appearance, or a dramatic one that leaves your friends, family, or work colleagues simply stunned. You can rest assured that these current hairstyles, will not be getting old in a hurry, and have the potential of making your hair look simply stunning. We hope you have found this article about the 8 most popular current hairstyles on the market today, useful and informative. Good luck with whichever style you choose for your next, and until next time.

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