Cute nail designs for short nails


Do you wear your nails short? Are you looking for easy ideas for cute, short nails? Cute nail designs can still be yours. Read on for great ideas to sport uber cuteness on nails that are worn short by choice or necessity.

Cute Short Nails Featuring Autism Awareness DesignI learned that people are searching for fun and stylish nail designs to wear on short nails when I recently posted this picture of the Autism Awareness paired with Sapphire Sparkle shields on my Facebook fan page. Almost immediately I got a response from someone I don’t personally know who said, “I love that these are shown on short nails!”

For a variety of reasons, many women can’t wear long nails. Yet, most cute nails designs are shown on longer nails. Here’s great news — it’s entirely possible to have cute, short nails that are easy to do — without acrylics or paying for salon visits. Jamberry Nail Shields make it simple!

The days of having to spend time and money on intricate polish work or artificial nails are gone because of this new revolution in nail art. More than 250 Jamberry nail designs can be quickly applied at home using heat from a hair dryer.

With proper application, Jamberry Nail Shields last up to two weeks on fingers (and 6 weeks on toes)! With several applications per sheet, the cost per application is truly a great value (and way less than brands you find in the stores that don’t last nearly as long).

Short Striped Nails with Alternating ColorsMany of the Jamberry nail designs are colorful and detailed enough that they look great and noticeable on the shortest of nails. And best of all…they’re vinyl (not polish) so they’re durable and long lasting.

There are many reasons that women wear their nails short. Many play sports, play guitar, or are in a profession where long nails are obstructive. Many women have a difficult time getting their nails to grow long. And, some women simply prefer short nails.

Thankfully, you no longer have to sacrifice fun looks and expressing yourself through your nails just because of a short nail length. Nail designs are such a fun and expressive way to show off your personality and passions. Love horses? There is a nail shield that features them. Love football? There are football nail designs and team color combinations and patterns available! Regardless of the looks you prefer, you’ll find designs to suit your personality and compliment your personal style.

Short Funky Nails Featuring Whimsical Nail Shields from JamberryIf you wear your nails short because your job or hobby is particularly rough on your hands, you can now have cute short nails with durability.  Many women wear acrylics or shellac manicures because they feel that regular polish wears off far too quickly.

Although I’ve featured a few designs for cute short nails in this post, click here to see all the cute designs from Jamberry! Most will look great on short nails and give you the pizzazz you’re looking for!


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