Daily nail

A long, long time ago, in a land far away from Las Vegas, there was a redheaded girl who worked at a newspaper. She was young, just having finished her first year of college, and for her summer job, she got the chance to work for the Arenac County Independent. What did she do, you might ask? Well, she typed. A LOT. She also laid out the classifieds line by line with only an X-acto knife and waxing machine to aid her in her weekly adventure. She also had tons of fun with her two partners in crime there at the news office, Jennifer (affectionately known as Jenny- pronounced- GINNY) and Kipp. They had tons of fun, and ate wet burritos at the Granton Inn. It was a jolly time. 😀 This girl was affectionately referred to as…Melanie. Was this her name? Not so much, it was still Melissa, her given name, but in an effort to not confuse Kipp any further than he already was…she allowed herself to be referred to as Melanie. (not that she had much choice in the matter) Fast forward to present…sadly the building we all shared laughs in has burned down, and we are all in our own parts of the world, doing our own thing…and Kipp is MUCH older. (but not Melanie or Jenny, they have retained their youthful good looks and charming personalities…as most women do) In honor of that superfun summer at The Independent, where proofreading produced the words “doe snot” more often than the correct “does not”, I give you the newspaper nails! I have to admit, I can”t completely take credit for the effect, I saw the idea at the ORLY booth at CosmoProf, and loved it. To make it even more special- I used the classifieds…

I used Butter LONDON Billy No Mates as a base, with newsprint transferred via alcohol. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

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