Diamond nail designs


Diamond nail designs are among the most popular nail designs because they look amazing and dazzle in the sunlight. Also, who doesn’t love diamonds? There are several different ways that you can do these, so hopefully this article will give you some great ideas if you are interested. Take a few seconds to look over the images and video on this page and then pick out which one you like the best and let us know and/or try them out for yourself!

This is my all time favorite one. Just look how they sparkle like that, it is so amazing. Here is how to do this one:

  1. Apply silver nail polish to all finger nails.
  2. Attach small sparkling gems to each nail like in the picture.
  3. Make sure the diamonds line up correctly or it won’t look right.
  4. Wait for them to dry!

Here is a really cool gold diamond and leopard nail design. I love how two of the fingers are gold with gems on it and the others have more of a silver and gold leopard print on them. This gives the overall feel of them a really cool and unique look.:

Here is a black diamond nail design. I think it would be cool if the actual diamonds were black, but this one is black nail polish with shiny diamonds on them. It looks like the ring finger has 3d gems on it and the other nails were just done with polish. These look awesome and I would love having these on my own nails!

Here are a few great videos and tutorials on how to do diamond nails. This is a great and very informative Youtube video. It will give you an exact step by step guide on diamond finger nails.

Diamonds are one of the coolest things on earth. They are extremely rare and they last forever. We don’t recommend using actual diamonds in your finger nail designs because they can easily fall off and become lost. We recommend checking out an arts and crafts store and finding some very tiny plastic gems that you can use for these designs. That is what usually works best. You can also try out different colors and different arrangements on your nails. It is always fun to experiment with the kind of design and layout, so have fun with them. Let us know what you think of the ones on this page and feel free to send in your own if you decide to make your own!


Thanks for checking out these amazing sparkling nails! If you would like to add your own nail designs to this site, just send us an email and we will do our best to add it to our site. If you like the nails on this site, feel free to share it with your friends online on your favorite social networks. You may also want to check out our glitter nail designs as well as this cool white and diamond glitter nail design. Thanks again for reading and checking out our site!

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