Different nail art designs


Different Nail Art Designs

Nail art design has become an integral part of girls who care about their looks and appearance. These girls will not leave home less perfect, with nails that are not beautifully sculpted or adorned with the most amazing nail art designs. Some go to nail salons to have their nails done and some do it themselves. Nail art designs have even become a way of expressing a girl’s creativity and originality. For those who do not belong to this august group of trendy girls but would want to, here are some nail art designs that they can try:

Gel Nails
Gel nails is a a perfect way to have beautiful nails. They are not as funky and showy as some nail art designs; in fact gel nails are simple but elegant and beautiful. Though it is comparatively newer than acrylic nails it has gained quite an acceptance and more and more girls are opting for gel nails. Gel nails are glossier and last longer than acrylic nails. It also is a great way to protect natural nails and allow damaged nail to grow out and repair itself while wearing beautiful nails.

Nail Wraps
Nail wraps are bits of different materials such as silk, linen and fiber wraps that are reduced to the size and shape of the nails and affixed to the nail plate. They not only beautify the nails but also protect the nails and provide strength and length to the nails.

Nail decals or nail stickers
Nail decals or stickers are small adhesive decals or stickers that are stuck on to the nails. Nail stickers or decals come in practically any design, from flowers, to stars, to geometric shapes and designs depicting the seasons. There are even 3D nail stickers that are made of super-flex rubber. These nail stickers or decals are affixed directly to natural or artificial nails.

Rhinestones and gem stones
Rhinestones and gem stones nail art design can be simple or very intricate using, beads, rhinestones, sequins and other gem stones. Only your imagination will limit the nail art design you can create with it.

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