Easy braid hairstyles


I know for a lot of you that prom is right around the corner. I have been doing some experimenting with different updo’s for my prom and this is one of the first ones that I tried. What I love about this hairstyle is that it is easy to do. It only take a few minutes to create so if you mess up, you will have time to fix it.

This French Braided Updo with A Bun is perfect for any special occasion. It is great for summer because your hair is off your face. I love how natural yet messy it is. I think that my new favorite style.

For this hairstyle you will need:
1. Large Clear Rubberband (1)
2. Medium Clear Rubberband (1)
3. Bobby Pins (8-12)
4. Teasing Comb
5. Curling Wand

Follow these five easy steps to achieve the French Braided Updo with A Bun:

Step 1: Curl your hair with a curling wand. Make sure to curl the hair for no more then 8-10 seconds.

Step 2: Tease your hair just in the crown area. Try not to pull out any of the curls.

Step 3: Do a regular french braid starting at the crown. I included my bangs but that isĀ  optional.

Step 4: Once you finished the french braid, take the large clear rubberband and tie off where your neck begins. Next take the top half of the ponytail and pull upward to tighten the hair a bit. Then loosen some of the hair on the sides.


Step 5: Tease the ponytail and then create a loose bun with the medium clear rubberband. Next pin some of the pieces to secure the bun and hairspray!

You are finished with this hairstyle. It is so easy and cute to wear!

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