Easy everyday hairstyles


1. Side Braid:

A side braid hairstyles looks very chic and is super easy to style. This tops the charts of easy hairstyles for medium length hair. It can be worn with ethnic wear or with any top which has detailing in the neck worth showing off! You can make it by following these simple steps below:

easy hairstyles for medium length hair

Pic 1: As I mentioned earlier I have medium length hair with outgrown bangs. The bangs can be sometimes difficult to manage so I use these hairstyles.

  • Step 1: Pull your bangs on one side and the rest of the hair on the other side as shown in pic. 2.
  • Step 2: Take a bobby pin and place it at the back to secure all the short hair (if you have steps/ layers in your hair) as shown in pic. 3.
  • Step 3: Partition the hair (which are now at one the opposite side of your bangs) into 3 parts and make a start making a simple braid as shown in pic. 4.
  • Step 4:  Keep making the braid according to the length of your hair leaving a good length non braided and secure it with a rubber band (Pic. 5).
  • Pic 6: This is how this side braid looks on me. I love this hairstyle and wear it with almost everything. You can make the style even cuter by using cute rubber bands and hair pins.

everyday hairstyles

This is a perfect hairstyle for medium hair!

2. Puff:

This hairstyle is very useful for managing the out grown bangs. You can make it even if you don’t have bangs. Here is how you can make this:

easy everyday hairstyles

  • Step 1: Comb back all your bangs and hold them. If you don’t have bangs then comb back the front section of your hair and hold it. (Pic. 1)
  • Step 2: Twist this section of hair about 360 degrees as shown in Pic. 2.
  • Step 3: Now slightly move this twisted section forward and it would make a puff. Move it as much forward as you require the puff to be high. (Pic. 3)
  • Step 4: Now secure this puff with bobby pins (Pic. 4) or with a very small clip.
  • Step 5: The rest of the hair can be left open on both sides (pic 5) or you can pull them on one side.

3. Puff with High Ponytail:


For a more formal look you can tie a high ponytail hairstyle after making the puff. It is quite simple to do so I am leaving the steps for it. The high pony tail looks very pretty when the hair is straight. It looks great with shirts and formal outfits. Definitely one of the cute hairstyles for medium hair.

easy hairstyles for medium length hair

4 & 5. Messy and Neat updo:

They are great for times when you don’t want bangs on your face.  Both of them work well on 2nd or 3rd day of hair wash when the hair is more manageable.  You can make them by following these steps:

Messy and Neat hairstyle

  • Step 1: Hold all you hair back as high as possible in a ponytail (Pic. 1).
  • Step 2: Next as you are putting on the rubber band, do not take all the hair length out of it. At the end leave some hair behind in a way that they are folded. (Pic 2)
  • Step 3: Repeat the same while putting the rubber band second time. After this step your hair is folded twice. (Pic 3)
  • Step 4: You can leave any hair which is left for a messy look or carefully pull them inside the band. The final look is shown in Pic 4.
  • For a clean updo, after holding the hair up, keep twisting them. The hair would roll round as you twist it. At the end, put a rubber band and your neat updo is done! (Pic 5)

Both of them look great with anything you wear. I love to wear them especially with tee shirts.

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