Easy halloween nail designs


These spooktacular Halloween nail ideas are perfect for those who want to look cute, and those who want to add a bit of a dark scary side to their overall look.  You can wear these during the Halloween season or to spice up your Halloween costume for that special party you’re going to.  Each of the different designs below are classified as relatively easy and shouldn’t be too difficult to complete on your own.

1. Cute Jack-O-Lantern Nails

Easy Halloween Nails

The first design is a jack-o-lantern idea that is a really cute and simple look for both younger and older girls.  The colors for this design will be orange, black, white, and a final coat of clear.  Start by laying down a basecoat of orange on all of your nails.  Once you have allowed it to dry, you can then apply some black nail polish from the tips of your finger nails to about 1/4 of the way up towards your cuticle.  While that is drying you can then choose which finger you want to have your jack-o-lantern on.  Paint your spooky eyes, nose and mouth however you want.  If you have a dotting tool or a toothpick, they will provide more precision for painting of the face.  Next, just create some white dots on the black tipped portion of your nails as you see in the image above.  Finally, after everything has fully dried you will just need to coat each nail in its entirety with a coat of clear nail polish to protect your new Halloween nail art.

2. Scary Jason Nails

Scary Halloween Nails

The next cool design is based on the scary Halloween movie character Jason.  This easy idea features a Jason mask, some splattered blood and can be accomplished with just three nail polish colors.  The colors you will need are white, red and black.  The perfect mix of cute and scary, this design is ideal for teens and adults.  First start by applying a basecoat of white on each of your nails and allow them to dry.  You will have to experiment with the next step and you may want to practice on an old acrylic nail or another object before applying the design directly to your nail.  Everybody’s design will look different because this step is very abstract in its nature.  Dip into the red nail polish and make sure there is a lot of polish on the brush.  Next, start by letting it drip onto the nail and move around to create a splatter effect and some lines while the polish drips from the bristles.  Then, take your brush and remove as much nail polish as you can and then work the red polish around on top of the white to make it look smeared and bloody.  Now it’s time to create your Jason mask on whichever nail you choose to do the design on.  Follow the picture above and create the mask by using simple black dots.  Once everything has dried, your nail art is complete and just needs a coat of clear polish to preserve it.

3. Spooky Mummy Nail Design

Mummy Nail Art

The last Halloween nail idea on our list is the mummy design!  This might look a little more challenging but it is still relatively easy to do.  For this idea, we will once again be relying on the colors white, black and red.  This color combination is perfect if your outfit consists of black and white for everyday wear, or for a Halloween costume that you will be wearing.  The first step is to apply a white basecoat and allow it to fully dry before moving on to the next step.  You may want to rush, but try not to otherwise you may mess a step up before it dries and have to start all over again.  Next, get out your black nail polish.  If you have a striper tool it will come in very handy for this step.  Look at the picture above as a guide and try to replicate the horizontal lines that create the mummified look.  Before finishing with the black polish make sure that you have created the black circles for the outer parts of the mummy’s eyes.  Next, with your red nail polish, simply place a tiny dot in the center of each black circle for your scary red eyes and then your nail art creation is complete!  Seal it all with a clear coat polish and you are ready to get lots of compliments on your cute Halloween nails.


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