Easy medium length hairstyles

Easy medium length hairstyles versatility difficult to challenge, because most women in a dream for long hair, or growth short hair, have to go through the “middle phase”, or may stay on this version of haircuts. In any case, the average length is very handy for everyday hairstyles and allows to create enough your evening images. The most common in this case we can be Bob haircut, it look great in hair smooth version, which will require rectification at blow-drying the hair entire length.
Sleek chic
Divide hair into straight or side parting and twist the ends inward, get a classic styling for everyday use. Hair can be removed in a low tail with bobby pins or ordinary hair gum.
Easy negligence
Dry up hair in different directions, thus creating a natural negligence, fasten effect with wax, separating strands.
With bouffant will indicate desired part hairstyle, giving it volume. This may be part of the occipital or bangs. In vogue now is Iroquois in all versions, which is also used bouffant.

Every day hairstyles for medium hair – Photo:

Gorod Mod Magazine recommends Evening hairstyles

Easy medium length hairstyles – Natural curls

Hair can be curling sparing way with curlers, by curling iron or shaper, choose you, as method of styling. Every day, changing the direction of curls can achieve completely different hairstyles.
Create seductive and luxurious curls. Put the hair from the face, parted on the side, or kill the flirty barrette. The main thing in this hairstyle is lightness, when you style your hair according to their growth, given a structure and way how they go. Therefore, this hairstyle is for every hair type look different and the size of the curls can also vary from small to large curls.

Ragged medium length hairstyles – How to style?

When laying ragged or layered haircuts to emphasize texture. To do this, add volume, dry your hair with a hair dryer and laying combs. Then, separating the strands of wax emphasize shape haircut.
For a hairstyle with straight bangs and textured edge perfect low tail and smooth-combed hair in the direction of face. This haircut is also possible to curling, but in the end still need wax or gel to define texture.

Easy medium length hairstyles – Photo:

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