Easy nail art designs

There is no doubt that every woman loves to care about her nails as they express her femininity and elegance. One of the most important ways of nail caring is the manicure or the nail art. We used to put different kinds and colors of manicure, we also made nail fashion by using nail wraps and many colors together and make some nail prints with manicure. The newest nail fashion is the French nail art, it is a new theme and look for the stylish nails, and they give extreme femininity to the hands. The French nail art can be done easily at home, or you can do more nail themes in the beauty center as the complicated prints require a certain kind of machines which draw wonderful shapes on your nails. Another part of the nail art is the acrylic nail extension, this technology is used for short or damaged nails, so that the printing nail machine can work on your nails. Not only prints are used in this kind of art, but there are more lovely techniques to do with your nails. Some decorations can be made of small parts of glitter, or by sticking some shapes on your nails after the polishing is finished. Another decoration parts are the flowery shaped small decoration parts, they can be stocked together to form the flower shape, or any other shape you choose. Small crystal parts are used with the acrylic nails to give elegant and crazy looks.

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