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Hi. Everyone has seen both girlfriends and total strangers with way cool nail designs – they look like they cost a small fortune at a nail salon. Some of them I’m sure do, but I for one don’t have a fat pocketbook to unload at a nail salon just for nail art [food and bars normally come first!].

However, there are some easy nail designs you can do at home – call it a home manicure if you want – I call it fun! And it will be an experiment every time – so keep nail polish remover at hand to fairly quickly clean up little mistakes!

I’d start out with a simple polka dot design. Doing easy designs is, well, easy! You can use a toothpick or a very fine nail brush to start. An example is to put a base coat of black nail polish on, let it dry completely, and then make little dots of red polish on top – kind of like a little ladybug! After the dots dry, put a clear acrylic top coat on, and you’re done! Your first nail art!

You can also vary this one by doing a classic french manicure look and just color the tips as well!

Nail art is easier than you think. Try this for an example – put a base coat of while nail polish on your nails and let it dry. Then put a tiny dab of yellow polish toward the back of your nail with the applicator brush. Now take a toothpick and slowly draw lines out from the blob to make a sun or star type shape. Let it dry a few minutes, then do the same thing with a blue shade of polish in the opposite corner. Now you have an almost complete flower style design on your nail – your can add a few little dots of both colors throughout the rest of your nail and then let the design dry.

Note:  I often order a batch of nail colors and accessories such as little brushes, etc. at Walgreens.com as they have some of the best prices on Essie polishes which I use along with OPI. I tend not to use Sally Hansen polishes as any polish that only costs a couple of bucks kind of worries me – however, it is worth experimenting with their french manicure nail kit as it is cheap and allows you to gain some experience before spending more on higher end polishes!

Easy huh? Nail art design doesn’t have to be hard – it really can be easy! Be sure and check out the latest trend in easy nail designs for beginners – magnetic polish!

Go ahead – experiment, treat it like an art project, and have some fun with your nails! [Don”t forget the clear topcoat for nail protection when you”re done with your design!]

Wait – you’re still reading this nail polish blog post? In that case…


Have you tried Nail Art Stickers ?

I’m not going to extend this article more for now, but you can check out way super easy designs for your nails using special nail stickers. Depending on interest level I may do a special full post at a future date on nail art pens as well as going into more detail on how to use special stickers for an instant nail upgrade!

November 2011 Update: I’ve done more research, and if you haven’t tried nail polish strips you have got to check out by far the easiest way to get sophisticated nail designs in under 15 minutes!

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