False nails


False Nails are a Fun Beauty Accessory

False Nails

False Nails

False nails are a fun, easy way to change your look without doing anything drastic. False nails, or fake nails as many people call them, come in a variety of styles and looks to suit everyone’s tastes.

Since they are only temporary, anyone can try them without making a major commitment. They can be placed over your own nail and held on with glue or adhesive to help you achieve the look of longer nails.

Brief False Nails History

Women have been using fake nails from the time of the Ming Dynasty in China and before. It was a status symbol that they didn’t have to do manual labor. In 1954, the first false nail was invented to look like real nails. Since then, they have become a popular cosmetic accessory.

Fake Nails Types

The most popular type of artificial nail is the acrylic nail. They are durable and longer lasting so you don’t need to replace them as often. There are also press-on nails that you can buy in many stores, but they usually only last a few days. Gel nails are also popular and look more natural but they are not as durable as acrylic false nails. Another kind of fake nails are the nail wraps that are soft and low maintenance. They are primarily used for strengthening the nail tips.

Artificial Nail Health Issues

Fake Nails

Fake Nails


For long term use, it’s best to have fake nails professionally applied by a reputable technician. If improperly applied, they can damage the nail bed and cause infection. Types of false nails such as gel nails are left on until they grow out and are cut off. Allowing a period of time between applications can help prevent damage to your own nails.

Fake Nails Musical Usage

Besides being a fun beauty accessory, artificial nails have other uses. Fake nails have also been used to aid in playing musical instruments. Musicians can achieve a brighter, more consistent tone by using false nails when they play stringed instruments. Even men, such as guitarist Don Ross, have been known to use them.

Artificial nails can be a fun accessory to experiment with. You can airbrush designs on them and use unique nail art designs to make a statement or just simply apply a French manicure. Anything you’ve wanted to do with your own nails can be done with fake nails. This is why many people choose to apply them, especially if they have trouble growing their own nails. A good nail technician can give you guidance on the look and type of nail that best fits your hands and lifestyle and make it a fun beauty accessory.

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