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Be Yourself

Just like with an everyday style, it is best to choose prom hair styles that accentuate your best features. Consider the shape of your face, length of your hair, its thickness, degree of curliness, and manageability when deciding on a formal do. Prom is just one night, so it is possible to pull off a totally different style by using extra hair products like hair gel, mousse, and hair spray to keep unruly locks in place for the evening.

At the same time, however, you want to look like yourself, and a radically different style could cause people to stare at your hair rather than admire your overall look.

Coordinate Your Dress and Hair Style

Due to the exclusivity of the evening, most girls choose prom styles that also coordinate with their dress. If you have a dress with a low back, letting long hair drape down can be an alluring look, but if your dress has a lot of intricate details around the shoulders or neckline, an updo or elevated style would be best to avoid obscuring those details. Similarly, if you will be wearing gorgeous earrings that you want noticed, avoid a style that covers your ears.

Consider the Place

The anticipated weather of the event should also be taken into account. While most proms are indoors, if there are gardens or other places to stroll outside, you want to be prepared for potential wind. Depending on the style you choose, an extra spritz of hair spray may be able to counteract most breezes.

Elaborate Details

Many girls enjoy adding elaborate details to their prom styles, such as glittering hair pins, decorative combs, or other hair accessories. Be sure that these items are firmly secured no matter what type of dancing you will do – a missing piece can be quite noticeable on a night when details are carefully observed.

One detail that a few girls need to consider each prom night is the possibility of being voted prom queen. If you are on the potential court, you should be sure that if you are chosen, wearing a tiara or crown will not damage your hair style.


Popular Prom “Dos

The most popular prom styles are typically updos, similar to those a bride would wear. Like a wedding, prom night is a time for a girl to truly shine, and updos are some of the most elaborate and sophisticated styles available. French twists, waves, current celebrity dos and styles with glittering accessories are also universally popular.

The key to finding the style for you is choosing one that goes best with your personality, gown, and the magic of the evening. With a little consideration and the proper care, your hair will be the perfect finishing touch to a memorable night.

Some styles worth considering include:

Half Up and Half Down

If you have long hair, consider a half up, half down “do. Tease the crown of the hair, smooth strands with a wide tooth comb, and secure with a clip. This look can be worn with bangs, or if applicable, add a few tendrils around the face for a softening effect.

High Ponytail

Another style to try is a high ponytail. This is a cute look, but in order to make it more sophisticated in nature, strands should appear sleek and smooth. A bit of shine enhancing promenade can easily do the trick. You”ll also want to make sure that the hair tie you use is distinctive and pretty. If not however, once you secure the ponytail, you can always add a pretty clip or barrette. Also consider leaving some long tendrils gently curled and hanging loose on either side of your face.

Sleek Curls

To do so, use the appropriately sized flat iron, and give yourself lovely Veronica Lake inspired waves. You also have the option of clipping back one side with a pretty barrette, or leaving both sides long and loose.

Additionally, the updo hair style pictures gallery offers a few more ideas.Visit our gallery of updo hair style pictures for more ideas.

Getting Prom Hair Styles Done

Most styles are quite elaborate – new perms, updos, extensive accessories, hair highlights, etc. – so it can take several hours to fashion fancy prom hair dos. It is best to be prepared for that time, as well as for extra time to make adjustments after you”ve put on your dress or seen the final look just in case you want to alter it a little.

See pics of perfect prom hair…
At Home

If you plan on getting ready for prom on your own, including your hair, make sure you have all the right products at home before you begin to avoid an emergency trip to the store for more spray or an extra barrette. Now is not the time to try elaborate at home treatments such as coloring or home perms unless you are experienced, since most stylists would not have the time to fix any potential mistakes, even emergency ones.

At the Salon

Be sure to make any hair salon appointments well in advance – there may be several schools holding prom at the same time, and stylists can be booked weeks ahead of time. When you are at the salon, always ask how to maintain the style through the evening, particularly if it is a more elaborate do than you”ve had before. If you don”t like the look, don”t hesitate to ask for adjustments before you leave, otherwise you may be fuming over a not-quite-perfect prom hair style all evening.

Keeping the Style Fresh

Once your style is ready and you”ve dressed for the prom, you need to be sure you can take care of your hair throughout the evening. Take a small trial or travel size bottle of hair spray with you to tame any strands that come loose, and be sure to tuck an extra bobby pin or barrette into your purse if your style uses them. Try to take photos before you actually start dancing, and don”t be afraid to excuse yourself to check your hair if you are concerned that the style may be slipping.

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