Fashionable hairstyles

Trendy hairstyles and haircuts in 2013 in many ways similar to those that were relevant a year ago. There is only one significant difference – short hairstyles have become more popular.

But this is understandable, because women all over the world aspire to universality and simplicity that give short hair.

If you also live busy lives and go with the times, you will certainly be interesting to know what trendy haircuts and hairstyles in 2013 , the most frequently flash across the pages of fashion magazines.

The most popular season in spring-summer 2013 will be bob-cut and cutting stage

As you can see in the picture, long hair this season is also not lagging behind in the popularity of the short ones. If you are still in doubt, leave your hair or shave, then, we hope these photos will help you make the final decision. In many ways, the choice will depend on the type and shape of your face, and on whether you are ready for severalhours a day to spend on hair styling.

When it comes to what you finally decide to change their image and choose a new haircut, we recommend that you always consult a stylist, someone who knows about fashion haircut and hairstyle in 2013 virtually all year.

Also in the upcoming season will be especially popular with all kinds of hairstyles with bangs! If they fit your style – consider yourself very, very lucky.As for the colors of hair, the trend of the spring and summer of 2013 shades of burgundy, gold and blonde and black. But that does not mean that there is no room in bright colors – they are also popular in the upcoming season.

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