Fish eating pedicure


Want to know more about fish pedicures? Here are some common questions, and answers:

What kind of fish are used?
The fish used in fish pedicures are called Doctor fish or Garra Rufa and they feast on dead skin, which is why they enjoy giving pedicures. Your feet are like a big buffet for the Doctor fish.

Does it hurt?
No. Since the fish don't have teeth, they can not puncture the live skin, and because of that there is no pain. But, the treatment does tickle quite a bit, but it's not uncomfortable. In fact, in countries where fish pedicures are popular, people often soak in a full bath full of the fish.

How long should my feet soak in the bath?
Treatments range anywhere form 15 minutes, to one hour, it's totally up to the person, and of course it's up to how much the fish have to feed on. Most spas to a 15 to 30 minute treatment, then follow up with a foot massage and scrub and can finish off a pedicure with nail trimming and toe polishing, just like any other pedicure.

What will my feet be like after the fish pedicure?
They'll be smooth and free of dead skin or calluses. The Doctor fish bite off all of the dead skin, leaving your skin renewed and soft.

Where can I get one?
Unfortunately fish pedicures are not common in the U.S., quite yet. There is one spa that has been well publicized in Virginia, but other than that, we are not aware of any other spas in the country. Since this is a new treatment, it will take time for it's popularity to spread. The treatment however is very common in Asian countries and in Turkey, where the fish originate. So if you live, or visit an area where these pedicures are common, go out and enjoy one.

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