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fish pedicure

As strange as it may sound, a fish pedicure is an unconventional beauty procedure in which common pedicure tools have been replaced by fish. Clients in need of an effective foot treatment visit beauty salons that offer fish pedicures in order to acquire a softer and smoother skin.

This intriguing beauty trend has become a reason for concern amongst some health officials, and this concern is growing in proportion since the demand for fish pedicure is also increasing in popularity.

Customers who require this form of foot treatment are prompted to sink their feet into a fish tank filled with numerous small specimens of fish known as garra rufa. This species feeds on dead skin tissue, and it is used in pedicure treatments as a way of helping customers achieve healthy looking feet free of unsightly dead tissue and calluses.

Garra rufa are only a part of the usual foot pedicure as the fish-involving procedure is subsequently continued by a pedicurist. Aside from the beneficial aspect of freeing clients from dead skin tissue, fish pedicures are also preferred by people who wish to indulge themselves an unconventional yet relaxing foot treatment.

After all, the procedure is efficient and highly soothing once the beauty salon customers get over their emotions of sinking their feet in water full of dead tissue eating fish. The eating frenzy does not hurt however, since this species of fish is only focused on devouring the dead portion of the skin, and not the living tissue. In addition, customers are immediately reassured on the absence of danger regarding this practice as garra rufa are toothless fish, and therefore, cannot cause any harm during the foot treatment.

Fish pedicures are quite affordable, with prices ranging from forty to sixty dollars for a half-an hour foot dipping session in the garra rufa fish tank. Since these fish do not require significant care and nutrition expenses, beauty salon owners find fish pedicures to be highly profitable.

Given the above mentioned advantages of resorting to such an intriguing foot treatment, what is the explanation behind the recent fish pedicure warning? Well, a fish pedicure may be perceived as a safe beauty procedure, yet numerous health specialists agree that this foot treatment can lead to dangerous foot infections since the tissue eating fish can cause tiny nicks into the customers” skin, and those nicks, even superficial, can become infected with various fungus species and bacteria.

This is because the fish tanks contain non-sanitized water that is known to be a promoting environment for infections caused by bacteria or fungi. With this in mind, many state officials decided to ban fish pedicures from the list of safe beauty treatments, and several others intend to follow the same agenda.

As far as fish pedicures are concerned, there are also other reasons of concern that make this foot treatment an unsuitable beauty practice. It has been found out that salon owners limit the food that these fish receive in order to motivate them to devour the dead skin tissue even more fanatically.


Even the most sophisticated spas located in major towns such as NYC are working on getting profits from offering fish pedicures, yet New York senator Jeff Klein is determined to eliminate this treatment due to the health concerns and inadequate care of the garra rufa species. A fish pedicure warning has been issued, but the question is: will this practice become extinct from the list of today”s beauty procedures?


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