French manicure steps


Finally, no more gloves to cover our beautiful hands. So, start treating your hands and nails with the needed respect:). Here are the basic steps to follow if you want a sensational French manicure, done in only 30 minutes (the most!).

Step 1:

Is essential to prepare your hands and nails before applying nail polish. First, exfoliate your hands massaging them with a small amount of abrasive cream. Rinse with water and dry completely. One of the main causes of dry hands is inadequate drying hands after washing.

Step 2:


File your nails. If they are fragile and tend to crack, keep them smooth over the round edges. When filing your nails, move the nail file in only one direction, from outer corner to center. Choose a nail file to smoothen the surface.

Step 3:

Wrap your hands in a layer of almond oil to moisturize them, then wrap them in a warm towel and relax for 15 minutes. Uncover and then push the cuticles using a rubber stick. Never use cuticle scissors that can cut your skin. Rinse the hands with warm water and dry them completely to remove all traces of oil.

Step 4:


Apply a base coat for nail varnish and leave a few minutes to dry. This will help strengthen the nails. Some products extend imperfections, leaving smooth surface for applying nail polish.

Step 5:


For square shaped nails, drag a straight line along the upper edges of the nail, and for the round nails follow their curve. Some manicure kits contain strips to guide the application of nail polish. When applying, position your hand on a flat surface and keep the other hand still, same, on the same surface, so you won’t have any inconvenience with “hand shaking”. Leave to dry.

Step 6:

Finally, apply a layer of translucent light pink nail polish on the nail to protect the white top and offer shine. Wait 10 minutes to dry. For more shine apply a protective layer of colorless, shining nail lacquer.

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