French tip nail art

French  Nail Art

French manicure nail art can look stunning with very simple designs. For example, a hand painted flower and a Swarovski rhinestone is quite simple to create but looks clean and fresh with the French manicure background.


To create a French manicure, you would use the white enamel to just paint the free edge of the nail creating a nicely curving smile line to best enhance your natural nail shape.

2010 nail art

You can use a sheer pink enamel, either before or after you have created your French white tip, depending on the look you want to achieve.

French  Nail

All extension or enhancement products have a white tip option for achieving the French manicured look, and with Creative Ten’s range of embedding media, as a skilled nail technician you will be able to create permanent French manicure nail art using real dried flowers, acrylic shapes, glitters and bullion beads to name a few.

French  Nail art design

French Manicure Nail Art Tips

French  Nail art tips

French  Nail tips

French Manicure

French Manicure Nail

French Manicure Nail Art

French Manicure Nail Art Tips

French Manicure Nail Art Tips

French Manicure

French Nail art

French Manicure Nail Art Tips

french nail art design


Nail Art

2010 nail art trends

Nail Art  for 2010

Nail Art Tips

Nail Art Tips

nail art trends

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