Fringes hairstyles


If the fabulous looks of Jennifer Anniston with her
new bob and fringe bangs mesmerized you,
then you too can get that style done with your hair and add a unique softness to your hairstyle.

Fringe hairstyles are still among the popular hairstyles for that subtle yet sexy look. Often cut well past the eye,
bang hairstyles can take away attention from some peculiar facial features like a high forehead. If you want to
make your eyes prominent or add that special touch to your smile, curly fringe bang hairstyles done off the face can
be an excellent choice.

A fringe hairstyle is very versatile and can go well with both straight hair, curly or wavy
hair. If your straight hair looks a bit too lifeless and needs some texture, the new shorter and blunter bangs and fringes
would be your ideal choice. You can also try the new hair hand painting, Balayage
(French for "sweep"), to add highlights or dramatic and bold color accents to give your hair a sexier
look or a unique focus. For curly or wavy hair, you can leave the bangs in the natural state of curl or wave.
To keep your hair in shape and give that soft romantic look, you may consider some
trimming of the curls or waves. Asymmetrical and angular cuts in most curly hair textures can give you the best results.

The Classic Fringe bang hairstyle giving the fresh look and emphasizing the eyes ushered in the popularity of the bangs hairstyle.
This bang has the edges just skimming the eyes, and texture, color, or styling techniques can easily be applied to get along with your life style.
By adding bang color on your one-all-over color hair, you can add interest and a focal point to your hair.
The variations are endless and fun is a major choice for the younger woman or the teens.

Other popular fringe bangs are shattered bangs and fringes, side swept bangs and fringes, choppy bangs and fringes,
and extreme asymmetrical bangs and fringes. By having extreme angles that drop sharply from side to side, you can create
the shattered or disconnected bangs. Chopping blunt edges into the bang area at uncommon locations and unexpected lengths
give a more radical style and make you look simply incredible. Side swept fringes and bangs give a very classy and elegant look,
particularly suiting women in their forties and fifties. For allowing the hair softly taper from a shorter length to a longer length,
the bang is cut creating a part a little higher and leaving the hair to fall forward across the forehead. For thick hair, side swept
bang can be an ideal choice, as it offers lot of movement.

Choppy fringe bang hairstyleTo increase the depth of your facial features, the choppy fringe
bangs style can be a good choice. Cutting with scissors followed by texturizing creates the choppy effect. Adding touches of color to the
bangs can create fantastic results. Cutting uneven lengths creates asymmetrical bangs. In this style, one side may be cut shorter than the
other or the middle may be cut shorter than each side. Depending on the look you want to get, these differences can be very subtle or extreme.
For the funkiest looks, extreme asymmetrical fringe bangs can be your style.

If you are planning to cut your own fringe bang hairstyles,
use proper haircutting scissors and do not use kitchen or sewing scissors. Shorter blade scissors are easier to control and they fit
your fingers and hands well. Hand scissors with blades of no more than 5 1/2 to 6 1/2" will be the best for cutting your fringe bangs at home.
Before cutting, shampoo and dry your hair in the normal way and avoid using rinse out or leave in conditioners that can harden soft texture hair
making it difficult for the trimming.

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