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If your hair is thin, nondescriptive and dull, you can make it look voluminous and thicker by getting an attractive funky hairstyle. If you haven’t heard about the term “Funky Hairstyle” then it’s time to explore it in bit a more detail because nothing can expose your wild and soft look together than it.  Funky hairstyle is a hairstyle that resembles to emotional hairstyle in one way and is a bit girlish in other way. If you want to have a bold and soft tone all at once in your appearance, funky hairstyle can be your best bet- bear in mind that it takes a lot of effort and time to maintain this hair-cut as it’s not easy to handle and maintain.

If you feel a little inclined towards funky hair-cuts, I think you should read the following points before you take a final decision on getting your hair done:

It’s really a fun to have a funky hair-cut with unkempt tresses and flexible waves across your face but it can also reflect your wild side and expose some of your inner personal traits such as anger, agony, hate, love, detest, paranoid nature, frustration, sadness, and jealously. It is difficult to believe that a hair-cut can really do anything like that but you have got to trust me, it really can.

Funky hairstyle is attributed to those emotions that reside inside your heart or somewhere in your personality depending on your nature. If you are a happy, shy and reserved girl, it will come out on your face with a short funky pixie haircut. Your new short pixie hairdo will make your expressions more prominent on the face turning you like an open emotional book.

When you try on an unconventional dress you will a bit uncomfortable with it and keep it setting over and again. It might be your way of hiding your inner fears that are borne just after you wear a nontraditional dress or it could just be your thought that makes you restless from the inside. In the similar fashion, some people can wear a bold funky hairstyle with ease while others have to take on the possibility to handle it well.

Funky hairstyles exhibit boldness as well as innovation. You shouldn’t even try out a spiky emo haircut if you are very introvert in the nature as your hair-cut will change the way you actually are.

Uncommon emo cuts and funky hairdos radiate strong fashion and attitude but at the same time they come with a tough theory. You will look either bold or fictional after having a cut. The good thing is that a subtle personality transformation is easy with the hairstyle and bad thing is you can’t alter your look afterwards. You may have to wait for months to get your old look back.

Most of funky hairstyles are inspired by science, technology, fiction, stories, sci-fi themes, and Gothic culture. So there are no boundaries when it comes to knowing the variations of these hair-cuts. However, you can restrict your search to a few ultra-chic hairstyles by finding out the most famous funky hairstyles of the time. And you can do it easily if you have a fantasy to create about yourself or if you are keen on adapting a particular look of any celebrity or starlet.  In the former case, your hairstyle will have personalized feel to it and you can tell others that “you have turned your fantasy into a reality by getting a desired haircut.” In the latter case, your hairstyle will be different but not unique as many of your friends might have seen the celebrity (you are following) wearing that cut.

There are a lot of rumors already on the internet about top funky hairstyles for 2013 but I believe that only few writers are brining up the latest ideas into light. So I thought it would be nice to discuss a couple modern versions of funky hairstyles that have been introduced lately in the world.

Colored pixie-hairstyles 2013:

Pixie has been one of the funkiest hairstyles of all time but I am not talking about common spikes and fringes that can stand over the forehead, instead I am talking about colored pixie hairstyles that aren’t seen anywhere yet, except for the runways.  If you already have a medium pixie hair-cut, you need to get it a bit shorter this year, and then sport its streaks with various pearly colors to give it a zany and chic appearance. The front spikes should be cut 1.5 inches shorter (not baby cut or blunt bangs) and the back hair should be long and silky.

With the right hairstyling tools, you can get various shorter and longer spikes. To highlight different portions of the hair, you first need to give each hair section a unique definition through hair dye. Pick your dye according to skin complexion. Five common hair dye colors in trends are violet, lilac, dark pink, blue, and fuchsia.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical bangs: We all know that bangs and fringes will never go out of style, no matter how many hairstyling trends come and go this year. If you don’t like random short and long pixie hairstyle then there is another hairstyling option for you and it’s symmetrical and asymmetrical bangs hair-cut. Get either patterned bangs at the front and leave the back hair as it is or choppy bangs all the way from front to back and top to down.

Tight curls and loose waves:  Loose waves were not considered a super ultra-modern transformation of the personality but now you will agree that they are being attended nicely this year. Double toned tight curls can do a wonder when set smartly with a few unkempt loose waves. The back hair should be curled with the iron machine whereas the front hair section should be treated with professional rollers and the more you can do to boost up your look is dye your tresses in a random sequence. Let the front hair flow with freedom and dye your back hair in either red or green shade.

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