Gel nail polish remover


Have you had a gel manicure?   Salons advertise a gel manicure to stay on your nails anywhere between two and three weeks.  (I confess I have not had these results, but mine have lasted a good 10 days.)  I do love a gel manicure.  But removing a gel manicure is a process. And a pain, in my opinion.  You will find yourself sitting like this, with your hands sitting in acetone for far too long.

Then you scrape your nails to get the gel off.  Soak them some more. Scrape. Soak. Scrape. Soak. Scrape. Soak. You get the point!

On my girls weekend, one of my friends had a novel idea….wrap your fingertips in acetone with foil around them (which should generate some heat, thus speeding up the process).  Since my fingernails were starting to look a big haggard, I figured I’d give it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised….it worked!

Here is how to remove gel nail polish in three easy steps.


Gather supplies: gauze, tin foil and acetone (mine was purchased in Mexico, hence the spanish).


Soak gauze with acetone .  Put gauze on nails and wrap fingertips in foil.



Let acetone sit on nails for five to seven minutes. Take foil off and check to see if they are ready to scrape. You shouldn’t even need a tool to scrape the gel polish. My thumb was my tool and the gel came off easy as can be!

After a few minutes, your nails should be gel free!

(Looks like my nails could use a little solar oil and lotion…or maybe a new gel manicure!)

Pretty easy, huh?!

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