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The OPI gel nail polish is here to help many women who frequent salons to treat themselves once in a while after hectic, often tiresome work schedules. Whether one is a highly-paid professional or a simple housewife, single or married, maintaining overall beauty is an ultimate goal. Despite many fast-rising financial crises that dominate many societies these days, women still burn up lots of money in extravagant salon spending just to keep up with the current trends in the beauty industry.

Aside from having common hair treatments, women pay salons a visit to pamper their hands and feet as well. Nail hygiene and appearance isn’t only a girl thing, some men also make a fuss out of it.

Furthermore, according to surveys, nails are one of the first few things men notice in women. So if you are hunting for your perfect pair or trying to relive your loving moments with your spouse, better pay attention to your nails. Who knows what your odd-looking, filthy nails can do to damage your reputation and self-confidence.

Everybody loves the sight of clean, well-trimmed and fancy-colored finger or toe nails. Perhaps the most common way of spoiling these body parts is by indulging in various types of spa and nail color sessions. Believe me, even if you only underwent a plain nail color procedure without any soothing massage or reflexology to accompany it, you will still feel relaxed by the mere sight of your posh, attention-grabbing nails.

Over the past two decades, the OPI Company never failed to deliver topnotch-quality colors to the nails of millions of women. Often dubbed as a chief provider of excellent quality nail polishes, OPI has successfully led the modernization of the world’s nail polish industry.

Its first major leap was noted during the release of the company’s Axxium Soak Off Gel Nail Polish. Brilliance would be an understatement when describing the product that boasts its fast application, easy manageability, and long-lasting results.

The product’s self-leveling ability that paves the way for a smooth and flawless finish makes it a must-have for most leading nail salons. With a little help from ultraviolet rays for quick-drying, women can now enjoy various nail color shades and designs like never before. When removing the polish, a minimum of 15 minutes soak off time is required, and color layers can be completely removed in half an hour’s time.

Another nail polish milestone took place in October 2011, when the OPI gel nail polish Company launched and released a new soak-off gel called the OPI Gel Color in 28 different shades. Unlike its predecessor, this version is made out of thinner formulas which dry up faster (30 seconds) under light emitting diodes (LED), which are often used in television remote controls. Definitely a good choice!

This version’s faster-curing time under a LED box guarantees a chip-free finish lasting up to two weeks. Product removal is also quicker which takes less than 10 minutes.

The OPI gel nail polishes are ideal for many female professionals, who are always busy juggling work and family affairs. It is also best for all occasions that necessitate long-lasting color with trouble-free between service maintenance.


Selecting the best nail polish for you is not as easy as you think. It is essential to choose only products that are proven safe, reasonably-priced and aesthetically perfect and that’s why many women in america and else where choose the OPI gel nail polish.


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