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UV gel nails are a type of artificial nails. A woman may have them applied to her fingernails as an alternative to acrylic nails if she wants her nails to look longer, more even, and stronger.

 UV Gel Nails

UV gel nails are made of a special odorless gel that is applied to a person’s regular nail and then cured. Usually, they are cured with ultraviolet light, which is why they are called UV gel nails.

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Most people have UV gel nails applied in a salon. To apply UV gel nails, a manicurist applies a gel that consists of a combination of polymers and monomers to a person’s natural nail. She then places the nail under ultraviolet lights for curing.

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To decorate UV gel nails, some people opt for regular nail polish. Others may have the nails airbrushed. It’s worth noting that some people have observed that nail polish sticks to natural and acrylic nails better than gel nails.

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UV gel nails are said to look more natural than other types of artificial nails. They also have a glossier appearance. Many people find them a nice alternative to acrylic nails not only because they look more natural, but also because of the time required to have them applied.

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