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glitter tips -diamond nails-silver glitter french manicure

I’ve been dying to try out this new deep teal polish by Sephora by OPI for a few weeks now and am so excited to finally do so. I really love the color! It appears very dark, almost black even, but has a fantastic blue hue which happens to work really well with silver glitter. And while I think my chunky glitter stripe is a bit more subtle and chic, this glitter French Manicure makes me feel like I have diamond tips… and very Elizabeth Taylor-ish.

Here’s what I used:

sephora by OPI -My Personal Serpent-Silver glitter nail polish

* 2 coats of My Personal Serpent Sephora by OPI and I love that this is an effective, safe, environmentally conscious brand. I fell in love when I saw this color… and hurry if you want it, it’s a limited edition! {Item # 1335124}

* Carefully apply a layer of chunky silver glitter to your tips like a French Manicure. I used Nicole by OPI – Make U Smile

* One coat of your favorite top coat {mine is Chanel extreme brilliance} fills in the thick edge and smooths out your nail.

faux diamond tipped nails - manicure-silver glitter nails-glitter tips

1-glitter french manicure  - tipped nails


…but admittedly, difficult to photograph!

1-glitter tipped nails- glitter french manicure

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