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Modern world has transformed the meaning of fashion and beauty care. Now women not only take care of their hair and face to look beautiful and attractive, they want their hands and legs look as appealing. So the mundane task of applying single tone Nail enamel has gone long ago. Now women of all ages prefer some or the other kind of Glitter Nail Art that can beautify their complete look.

There are plenty of procedures that explains how to apply and maintain glittering nail paints, they are time taking but are worth of it. Make the nails look glossy and glittering these tips can be used as easy options;

  1. Nail enamels having glitters within it can give a lustrous and glossy effect to the nails.
  2. To use loose glitter, nail art bonder is applied over the glitter or a transparent top coat of nail polish is used to keep the glitter intact.
  3. Nail glitters can complement any color of nail polish and can be applied on top of the color creating a specific pattern.
  4. Apart from that various shaped stars and moons come with glittering colors that can stick over the top coat, of the wet nail gel and would get fixed after drying.
  5. Acrylic powder, gel or polish can be combined with the glitter to enhance the beauty of nails.
  6. Glittering nail art pens can also give the perfect design and detailing adding glitter to the nail art.

Now consider the tools and equipments essential to pep up the nails;

  • Nail polish of various colors
  • Acrylic paints
  • Nail dotter
  • Thin tipped brush
  • Nail art pen
  • Sparkles
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail stickers or jewels

The basic steps involved in applying glitters to nail art are pretty interesting, but need to be noted carefully.

Applying glittering nail polishPrepare your nails to begin the process:

The basic step is a well performed manicure that offers the best and most convenient shape to your nails.  But you can avoid a manicure if your nails are already clean and well shaped, as chipped and broken nails are a big disaster to nail painting. Take care to retain healthy and good looking cuticles by applying moisturizer to your hands.

Armed for the Mission Nail glitter:

Now begin the process to hunt for the best products in market to get that flawless nail glitter revamp your persona. The budding fashion freak world has enriched the nail wear industry, by giving birth to an ocean of colors in nail polish and acrylic paints. The proper shade, has to be selected that would go well with your skin tone and enhance the beauty, rather looking over flashy and spoiling your entire look. Try different nail paints from a range of manufacturers and finalize the ones you like. Apart from that you can buy sparks of various shapes that can be applied before the top coat to give a wow effect to the nail art. Thin-tipped brush is a very wise choice when you want to apply different shades and draw pattern and designs of various colors over nails. Stock up nail polish remover and cotton balls that can be handy to erase any mistakes during nail painting. Tooth picks can add detailing like making dots og glitter over the nail coat.

Keep all the instruments and ingredients handy:

Make sure to keep all the equipments and contents handy. Nail polish and acrylic colors dry very fast so keep nail polish remover at hand with cotton balls to erase any mistake as fast as you can. For quick detailing, you need brush and tooth picks handy, saving time to finish the design.


Ideas and techniques that change your look:

To get the perfect idea about nail painting with glitters and sparks, try to attend a class with a local beauty salon who can give you demonstration as how to do nail art. The professionals know the exact methods to make your finger look gorgeous. Use your own imagination to paint that dream design, else browse the internet that is a great source of anything and everything you want to know about.

Beginning of the real Job: Base coat

Base coat is like the canvas readily waiting to start painting, so keeping in mind the design and colors you are going to use, paint the base coat.  The base coat can be any of the colors ranging from transparent, white, pale beige or slight pink and of course any other color that catches your fancy. The base coat needs to dry completely before you apply another coat, as it prevents the nail polish from creating bubbles that spoil the nail art. If you like then make designs and separate each outline to apply different nail colors. After the second coat dries off completely start your painting job.

Start painting the real design:

Use your brush and start painting desired patterns and designs, but make sure to cover the brush adequately with paint. Remove excess nail paint from the brush to get a smooth texture without any bubbles or lump. Keep it simple and add glitters to the nail art before touching up with the top coat.

Top coat to care for the nail art:

Nail art is complete after you finish the top coat. Reapply a transparent top coat once in a while between 2-3 days to protect the nail art. So that the glitters don’t come off and keep shining till you maintain that nail art.

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